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April 1972 (76.2)


The North Entrance at Knossos (pp. 113–125)
William S. Woodard

Is It from the Parthenon? (pp. 127–137)
Caroline Houser

Lead in the Roman World (pp. 139–144)
Jean David C. Boulakia

The Military Use of the Chariot in the Aegean in the Late Bronze Age (pp. 145–157)
Mary Aiken Littauer

Excavations at Buccino: 1971 (pp. 159–163)
Stephen L. Dyson

Archaeology in Asia Minor (pp. 165–188)
Machteld J. Mellink

Archaeological Notes

A New Bronze Harpocrates(?) In the de Young Museum in San Francisco (pp. 189–192)
Lawrence J. Bliquez

The Figurine in the Roll-Top Desk (pp. 192–193)
John L. Caskey

A Marble Portrait of Septimius Severus in Melbourne (pp. 193–195)
P.J. Connor

A New Fragment from the North Frieze of the Nike Temple (pp. 195–197)
Evelyn B. Harrison

A New Orpheus Mosaic in Yugoslavia (pp. 197–200)
Mario del Chiaro


Seventy-Third General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 202–225) 

Book Reviews

Datierbare Bronzen aus Luristan und Kirmanshah, Untersuchungen zur Assyriologie und Vorderasiatischen Archäologie, Band 5 (pp. 226–227)
By Peter Calmeyer
Reviewed by Guitty Azarpay

Marguerite Yon, Salamine de Chypre II: La Tombe T.I du XIe s. av. J.C. (pp. 227–228)
Reviewed by H.W. Catling

Corpus der Minoischen und mykenischen Siegel, II. Iraklion, Archäologisches Museum, Teil 1. Die Siegel der Vorpalastzeit (pp. 228–229)
By N. Platon
Reviewed by Miklós Szabó

Il Santuario sull’Acropoli di Gortina, I (pp. 229–230)
By G. Rizza and V. Santa Maria Scrinari
Reviewed by Saul S. Weinberg

Bronzi orientali e orientalizzanti a Creta nell’VIII e VII sec. A.C. (pp. 230–231)
By Fulvio Canciani
Reviewed by Philip P. Betancourt

By G.S. Korres
Reviewed by A.H. Jackson

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Italy Fasc. XLVIII, Ferrara Museo Nazionale Fasc. II (pp. 232–233)
By Stella Patitucci
Reviewed by Michael M. Eisman

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Italy XLIII, Trieste, Civico Museo, I (pp. 233–234)
By Bianca Maria Scarfì
Reviewed by Alexander Cambitoglou

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Poland 8, Warsaw, National Museum 5 (pp. 234–235)
By Marie-Louise Bernhard
Reviewed by A.D. Trendall

Paralipomena, Additions to Attic Black-Figure Vase-Painters and to Attic Red-Figure Vase-Painters (pp. 235–236)
By J.D. Beazley
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Formgeschichtliche Untersuchungen zur Griechischen Statue des späten 5 Jahrhunderts v. Chr. (pp. 236–237)
By Friedrich Hiller
Reviewed by Elizabeth Gummey Pemberton

Le necropoli rupestri dell’Etruria meridionale, I, Castel D’Asso (pp. 237–238)
By Elena Colonna Di Paolo and Giovanni Colonna
Reviewed by Kyle Meredith Phillips, Jr.

La Collezione alla Querce. Materiali archeologici orvietani (p. 238)
By Giovannangelo Camporeale
Reviewed by Mario A. del Chiaro

Etruscan and Roman Architecture (pp. 239–240)
By Axel Boëthius and J.B. Ward-Perkins
Reviewed by Richard Brilliant

Il ciclo statuario della Basilica di Velleia (pp. 240–242)
By Cesare Saletti
Reviewed by Elisabeth Alföldi-Rosenbaum

Antike Lampen im Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseum zu Mainz (pp. 242–243)
By Heinz Menzel
Reviewed by Hector Williams

Triumphus. An Inquiry into the Origin, Development and Meaning of the Roman Triumph (pp. 243–244)
By H.S. Versnel
Reviewed by Morton Smith

Excavations at Fishbourne 1961–1969, 2 Vols by Barry Cunliffe; Fishbourne: A Roman Palace and Its Garden (pp. 244–245)
By Barry Cunliffe
Reviewed by D.J. Smith

Man across the Sea: Problems of Pre-Columbian Contacts (pp. 245–247)
By Carroll L. Riley, J. Charles Kelley, Campbell W. Pennington, and Robert L. Rands
Reviewed by Paul Tolstoy

Dumbarton Oaks Conference on Chavín October 26th and 27th, 1968 (pp. 247–248)
By Elizabeth P. Benson
Reviewed by Donald E. Thompson

Introduction to Middle Missouri Archeology (p. 248)
By Donald J. Lehmer
Reviewed by Ward F. Weakly