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July 1994 (98.3)


Contesting the Past: Hero Cult, Tomb Cult, and Epic in Early Greece (pp. 389–410)
Carla M. Antonaccio

Notes on the Topography of Eresos (pp. 411–430)
Gerald P. Schaus and Nigel Spencer

Chemical Classification and Provenance of Some Roman Glazed Ceramics (pp. 431–456)
Helen Hatcher, Alexander Kaczmarczyk, Agnès Scherer and Robin P. Symonds

A Late Antique Ivory Plaque and Modern Response (pp. 457–480)
Dale Kinney and Anthony Cutler


Archaeology in Israel (pp. 481–519)
Samuel R. Wolff

Archaeology in Jordan (pp. 521–559)
Glen L. Peterman


Howard Comfort, 1904–1993 (pp. 561–562)
Philip M. Kenrick

Evelyn Lord Smithson, 1923–1992 (pp. 563–564)
John K. Papadopoulos

Book Reviews

Archaeology Yesterday and Today: The Development of Archaeology in the Sciences and Humanities (pp. 565–566)
By Jaroslav Malina, Zdeněk Vašíček, and Marek Zvelebil
Reviewed by Tracey Cullen

An Archaeologists Guide to Chert and Flint (pp. 566–567)
By Barbara E. Luedtke
Reviewed by P. Nick Kardulias

Voyage dans la basse et la haute Égypte (pp. 567–568)
By Vivant Denon
Reviewed by Leonard H. Lesko

The Archaeology of Ancient Israel (pp. 568–569)
By Amnon Ben-Tor and R. Greenberg
Reviewed by Sharon R. Keller

Excavations at the City of David 1978–1985, Directed by Yigal Shiloh III: Stratigraphical, Environmental, and Other Reports (pp. 569–570)
By Alon de Groot and Donald T. Arie
Reviewed by J.P. Dessel

Red Lustrous Wheel-Made Ware (pp. 570–571)
By Kathryn O. Eriksson
Reviewed by Jane A. Barlow

The Palaeoethnobotany of Franchthi Cave (pp. 571–572)
By Julie M. Hansen
Reviewed by Joy McCorriston

The Knossos Labyrinth: A New View of the “Palace of Minos” at Knossos (pp. 572–573)
By Rodney Castleden
Reviewed by Jeffrey S. Soles

Minoans: Life in Bronze Age Crete (pp. 572–573)
By Rodney Castleden
Reviewed by Jeffrey S. Soles

Lefkandi II: The Protogeometric Building at Toumba, Pt. 2: The Excavation, Architecture and Finds (pp. 573–574)
By M.R. Popham et al.
Reviewed by Ian Morris

Death-Ritual and Social Structure in Classical Antiquity (pp. 574–575)
By Ian Morris
Reviewed by Clark A. Walz

The Great Isthmus Corridor Route: Explorations of the Phokis-Doris Expedition 1 (pp. 575–576)
By E.W. Kase et al.
Reviewed by Susan E. Alcock

Graecia capta: The Landscapes of Roman Greece (pp. 576–577)
By Susan E. Alcock
Reviewed by Gary Reger

Sagalassos I. First General Report on the Survey (1986–1989) and Excavations (1990–1991) (pp. 577–578)
By Marc Waelkens
Reviewed by Sarah Cormack

Italia preistorica (pp. 578–580)
By Alessandro Guidi, Marcello Piperno, and M. Cremaschi
Reviewed by Maurizio Gualtieri

Amphores romaines et histoire économique: Dix ans de recherche (pp. 580–582)
Reviewed by Nicholas K. Rauh

Katalog der antiken Skulpturen des Museo del Prado in Madrid 1: Die Porträts (pp. 582–583)
By Stephan F. Schröder
Reviewed by Richard A. Gergel

Archaeology in British Towns: From the Emperor Claudius to the Black Death (pp. 583–585)
By Patrick Ottaway
Reviewed by Bailey K. Young

Roman Finds from Exeter (pp. 585–586)
By Neil Holbrook and Paul T. Bidwell
Reviewed by R. Leon Fitts

Animals in Celtic Life and Myth (pp. 586–587)
By Miranda J. Green
Reviewed by Ronald Hicks

L’anticomanie: la collection d’antiquités aux 18e et 19e siècles (pp. 587–588)
By Annie-France Laurens and Krzysztof Pomian
Reviewed by Claire L. Lyons

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 589–592)