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April 1988 (92.2)

Field Report

Archaeological Survey in an Artifact-Rich Landscape: A Middle Neolithic Example from Nemea, Greece (pp. 159–176)
John F. Cherry, Jack L. Davis, Anne Demitrack, Eleni Mantzourani, Thomas F. Strasser, and Lauren E. Talalay


Early Greek Architectural Decoration as Functional Art (pp. 177–183)
R. Ross Holloway

The Temple and Cult of Apollo Patroos in Athens (pp. 185–210)
Charles W. Hedrick, Jr.

Decor et Duplicatio: Pendants in Roman Sculptural Display (pp. 211–225)
Elizabeth Bartman


Lilian Hamilton Jeffery, 1915–1986 (pp. 227–228)
Susan Treggiari


The 89th General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 229–284) 

Book Reviews

Understanding Archaeological Excavation (p. 285)
By Philip Barker
Reviewed by Martha Sharp Joukowsky

Current Scientific Techniques in Archaeology (pp. 285–286)
By P.A. Parkes
Reviewed by Patrick E. McGovern

A Manual of Forensic Entomology (pp. 287–288)
By Kenneth G.V. Smith
Reviewed by P.C. Buckland

The Early Biblical Period: Historical Studies (pp. 288–289)
By Benjamin Mazar, Shmuel Ahituv, and Baruch A. Levine
Reviewed by Roger S. Boraas

Fasta Fornlämningar och Arkeologiska Regioner (pp. 289–290)
By Åke Hyenstrand
Reviewed by Nancy L. Hatch

La ceramica in archeologia. antiche tecniche di lavorazione e moderni metodi d’indagine (pp. 290–292)
By Ninina Cuomo di Caprio
Reviewed by J. Theodore Peña

Fornaci e fornaciai in Friuli (pp. 290–292)
By M. Buora and T. Ribezzi
Reviewed by J. Theodore Peña

Die verzierte Keramik der Sesklo– und Diminikultur Thessaliens (pp. 292–293)
By Brina Otto
Reviewed by Tracey Cullen

The Archaeology of Cult. The Sanctuary at Phylakopi (pp. 293–294)
By Colin Renfrew
Reviewed by Emily Vermeule

The End of the Early Bronze Age in the Aegean (pp. 294–295)
By Gerald Cadogan
Reviewed by Karen Polinger Foster

Troy and the Trojan War (pp. 294–295)
By Machteld J. Mellink
Reviewed by Karen Polinger Foster

Classical Landscape with Figures. The Ancient Greek City and Its Countryside (pp. 295–296)
By Robin Osborne
Reviewed by Victor Hanson

Antiche fondazioni greche. Sicilia e Italia meridionale (pp. 296–298)
By Federica Cordano
Reviewed by Brian E. McConnell

La frise est de l’Héphaisteion (pp. 298–299)
By José Dörig
Reviewed by Michael Vickers

Altertümer von Pergamon XV. Die Stadtgrabung 1: Das Heroon (pp. 299–300)
By Meinrad N. Filgis and Wolfgang Radt
Reviewed by Rhys F. Townsend

Samothrace 1923, 1927, 1978 (pp. 300–301)
By Jan Bouzek and Iva Ondřejovǎ
Reviewed by Robert L. Pounder

The Roman Port and Fishery of Cosa: A Center of Ancient Trade (pp. 301–302)
By Anna Marguerite McCann
Reviewed by G.E. Rickman

Ricerche a Pompei: L’insula 5 della Regione VI dalle origini al 79 D.C. (pp. 302–303)
By Maria Bonghi Jovino
Reviewed by Anne Laidlaw

Aphrodisias: City of Venus Aphrodite (pp. 303–304) 
By Kenan T. Erim
Reviewed by Fikret K. Yegul

Manifattura suntuaria e committenza pagana nella Roma del IV secolo. Indagine sulla lanx di Parabiago (pp. 304–305)
By Luisa Musso
Reviewed by David H. Wright

Fälschungen antiker Plastik seit 1800 (pp. 305–306)
By Karina Türr
Reviewed by Robert Cohon


Corrigenda and Addendum to d’Ambra: A Myth for a Smith: A Meleager Sarcophagus from a Tomb in Ostia (p. 311)

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 306–309)