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January–March 1886 (2.1)

Volume 2 (1886) Index

A Proto-Ionic Capital from the Site of Neandreia (I) (pp. 1–20)
Joseph Thacher Clarke

Notes and Inscriptions from Asia Minor (II) (pp. 21–23)
W.M. Ramsay

Law Code of the Kretan Gortyna (II) (pp. 24–45)
Augustus C. Merriam

Notes on Oriental Antiquities. I. Two Babylonian Seal–Cylinders (pp. 46–48)
William Hayes Ward

Unpublished or Imperfectly Published Hittite Monuments. I. The Façade at Eflatûn-Bunar (pp. 49–51)
William Hayes Ward

Note on Plate V, 2, of Volume I (p. 52)
A. Furtwängler

Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Persia (pp. 53–60)
Ernest Babelon


Excavations upon the Akropolis at Athens (pp. 61–65)
Walter Miller

The “Monumental Tortoise” Mounds of “De-Coo-Dah” (pp. 65–69)
T.H. Lewis

Reviews and Notices of Books

Traité D’Épigraphie Grecque (pp. 70–75)
By S. Reinach and C.T. Newton
Reviewed by A.C. Merriam

Tiryns: The Prehistoric Palace of the Kings of Tiryns, the Results of the Latest Excavations (pp. 75–77)
By Henry Schliemann and D.C.L. Oxon
Reviewed by Russell Sturgis

Unedirte römische Fundberichte (pp. 77–78)
By Theodor Schreiber
Reviewed by A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Archaeological News (pp. 79–100)
A.L. Frothingham, Jr., A.R. Marsh, and H.N. Fowler

Summaries of Periodicals (pp. 101–120)

Books Received (p. 121)