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April 1992 (96.2)

Field Report

Survey and Settlement Reconstruction in West-Central Sardinia (pp. 203–224)
Stephen L. Dyson and Robert J. Rowland, Jr.


The Morgantina Phormiskos (pp. 225–235)
Jenifer Neils

What Was Corinthian Bronze? (pp. 237–247)
D.M. Jacobson and M.P. Weitzman

The Tazza Farnese Reconsidered (pp. 249–254)
Fred S. Kleiner

The Temporal Allegory of the Tazza Farnese (pp. 255–282)
Eugene J. Dwyer

The Tazza Farnese: Augusto Imperatore “Redeunt Saturnia Regna!” (pp. 283–300)
John Pollini


Archaeology in Iraq (pp. 301–323)
Khaled Nashef

James Walter Graham, 1906–1991 (pp. 325–326)
Joseph W. Shaw


The 93rd Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 327–376) 

Book Reviews

Narratives of Human Evolution (p. 377)
By Misia Landau
Reviewed by Douglas K. Charles

The Prehistory of Wadi Kubbaniya 2–3, Assembled (pp. 377–378)
By Fred Wendorf, Romauld Schild, and Angela E. Close
Reviewed by Douglas V. Campana

The Arabian Gulf in Antiquity 1–2 (pp. 378–379)
By D.T. Potts
Reviewed by Klavs Randsborg

Archéologie et histoire de la Syrie II. La Syrie de l’époque achéménide à l’avènement de l’Islam (pp. 379–380)
By Jean-Marie Dentzer and Winfried Orthmann
Reviewed by Susan B. Downey

Fouilles de Tureng Tepe sous la direction de Jean Deshayes 1. Les périodes sassanides et islamiques (pp. 380–381)
By Rémy Boucharlat and Olivier Lecomte
Reviewed by David Whitehouse

Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization II: The Archaeological and Linguistic Evidence (pp. 381–383)
By Martin Bernal
Reviewed by James M. Weinstein

Aegean Painting in the Bronze Age (pp. 383–384)
By Sara A. Immerwahr
Reviewed by Karen Polinger Foster

Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae V (pp. 384–385)
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Attic Script: A Survey (pp. 385–386)
By Henry R. Immerwahr
Reviewed by Ronald S. Stroud

Attic Letter-Cutters of 229 to 86 B.C. (pp. 385–386)
By Stephen V. Tracy
Reviewed by Ronald S. Stroud

Corpus Speculorum Etruscorum, Deutsche Demokratische Republik 1. Berlin, Staatliche Museen, Antikensammlung; Corpus Speculorum Etruscorum, Deutsche Demokratische Republik 2. Dresden, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Skulpturensammlung; Leipzig, Museum des Kusthandwerks; Gotha, Schlossmuseum; Jena, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität (pp. 386–389)
By Gerald Heres
Reviewed by Richard Daniel de Puma

Corpus Speculorum Etruscorum, Belgique 1. Bruxelles, Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique; Courtrai, Museum voor Oudheidkunde en Sierkunst; Gand, Museum voor Oudheidkunde der Rijksuniversiteit; Hamme, Museum Van Bogaert-Wauters; Louvain-la-Neuve, Musée de l’Institut Superiéure d’Archéologie et d'Histoire de l’Art de l’U.C.L.; Morlanwelz, Musée Royal de Mariemont; Collections privées (pp. 386–389)
By Roger Lambrechts
Reviewed by Richard Daniel de Puma

Votive Terracottas from the “Vignaccia,” Cerveteri, in the Lowie Museum of Anthropology (pp. 389–390)
By Helen Nagy
Reviewed by Ingrid E.M. Edlund-Berry

Römische Reiterstatuen. Ehrendenkmäler im öffentlichen Bereich (pp. 390–391)
By Johannes Bergemann
Reviewed by Fred S. Kleiner

Le insulae 3 e 4 della Regio VI di Pompei (p. 391)
By F. Carocci et al.
Reviewed by James L. Franklin, Jr.

Pompeii: The “Casa del Marinaio” and Its History (p. 392)
By James L. Franklin
Reviewed by Penelope M. Allison

Wharram Percy: Deserted Medieval Village (pp. 392–393)
By Maurice Beresford and John Hurst
Reviewed by Kathleen Biddick

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 393–396)