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New Reconstructions of the “Mykenaia” and a Seated Woman from Mycenae
(pp. 309–337)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Bernice R. Jones

Four Hellenistic Funerary Stelae from Gephyra, Macedonia
(pp. 423–437)
Miltiades Hatzopoulos, Pierre Juhel

Egypt Embodied: The Vatican Nile
(pp. 439–457)
Molly Swetnam-Burland


Legal Threats to Cultural Exchange of Archaeological Materials
(pp. 459–462)
Open Access
Sebastian Heath, Glenn M. Schwartz

Print Museum Reviews

Print Review Articles

The Bull-Leaping Scenes from Tell el-Dab’a
(pp. 479–480)
John G. Younger

Print Book Reviews

Book Reviews July 2009
(pp. 481–493)

Online Museum Reviews

The First Emperor: China’s Terracotta Army
Open Access
Zhixin Jason Sun

Book Reviews

The Nation and Its Ruins: Antiquity, Archaeology, and National Imagination in Greece
Open Access
By Yannis Hamilakis
Reviewed by Gullög Nordquist

The Oxford Handbook of Engineering and Technology in the Classical World
Open Access
Edited by John Peter Oleson
Reviewed by Robert L. Hohlfelder

Cult in Context: Reconsidering Ritual in Archaeology [and] The Archaeology of Ritual
Open Access
Cult in Context: Reconsidering Ritual in Archaeology, edited by David A. Barrowclough and Caroline Malone; The Archaeology of Ritual, edited by Evangelos Kyriakidis
Reviewed by Emily Miller Bonney

Distorting the Past: Gender and the Division of Labor in the European Upper Paleolithic
Open Access
By Linda R. Owen
Reviewed by Giovanni Boschian

Egyptian Mummies and Modern Science
Open Access
Edited by Rosalie David
Reviewed by Gonzalo M. Sanchez

La Sicilia e l’arcipelago maltese nell’età del Bronzo Medio
Open Access
By Davide Tanasi
Reviewed by Gianmarco Alberti

Krinoi kai Limenes: Studies in Honor of Joseph and Maria Shaw
Open Access
Edited by Philip Betancourt, Michael C. Nelson, and Hector Williams
Reviewed by Ilse Schoep

Grauballe Man: An Iron Age Bog Body Revisited
Open Access
Edited by Pauline Asingh and Niels Lynnerup
Reviewed by Francis Pryor

The Maikop Treasure
Open Access
By Aleksandr Mikhailovich Leskov
Reviewed by Elena Neva, Aleksandr Naymark

People and Plants in Ancient Pompeii: A New Approach to Urbanism from the Microscope Room
Open Access
By Marina Ciaraldi
Reviewed by Robert I. Curtis

Books Received

List of Books Received
(pp. 493–496)