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October–December 1912 (16.4)

Volume 16 (1912) Index

Third Preliminary Report on the American Excavations at Sardes in Asia Minor (pp. 465–479)
Howard Crosby Butler

A Statuette in the Princeton Museum (pp. 480–489)
Florence M. Bennett

Minerva Victrix? Note on the Winged Goddess of Ostia (pp. 490–494)
Clinton W. Keyes

San Savino at Piacenza II. Ornament. Conclusions (pp. 495–517)
A. Kingsley Porter

Discovery of Some New Petroglyphs near Caicara on the Orinoco (pp. 518–523)
T.A. Bendrat

The “Roman Bowl from Bagdad” (pp. 524–525)
A.T. Olmstead and Ronzevalle

The Mnesimachus Inscription at Sardes (pp. 526–534)
William K. Prentice

The Older Parthenon (pp. 535–558)
B.H. Hill

Archaeological Discussions (pp. 559–607)
William N. Bates