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July 1959 (63.3)


The Serapeum of Ostia and the Brick-Stamps of 123 A.D. A New Landmark in the History of Roman Architecture (pp. 225–240)
Herbert Bloch

Calenian Pottery and Classical Greek Metalware (pp. 241–249)
Gisela M.A. Richter

Toward a Restudy of the Battle of Salamis (pp. 251–262)
W. Kendrick Pritchett

The Gordion Campaign of 1958: Preliminary Report (pp. 263–268)
G. Roger Edwards

A New Interpretation of the So-Called South Arabian House Model (pp. 269–273)
Gus W. van Beek

Archaeological Notes

Morgantina: Hellenistic Inkstands (pp. 275–277)
Erik Sjöqvist

An Unusual Roman Bowl at Strasbourg (pp. 277–278)
Howard Comfort

News Letter from Greece (pp. 279–283)
Eugene Vanderpool

Book Reviews

Studies in Ancient Technology, Volume V (p. 285)
By R.J. Forbes
Reviewed by R.J. Gettens

Zlatnoto Sukrovishte ot Vulchitrun (p. 285)
By V. Mikov
Reviewed by Vladimir Markotic

Algérie Préhistorique (p. 286)
By Lionel Balout
Reviewed by Bruce Howe

The Prehistory of European Society (pp. 286–287)
By V. Gordon Childe
Reviewed by Hugh Hencken

The Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt (pp. 287–288)
By W. Stevenson Smith
Reviewed by Winifred Needler

Ceiling Stelae in Second Dynasty Tombs, from the Excavations at Helwan (pp. 288–290)
By Zaky Y. Saad
Reviewed by Virginia Burton

Ausgrabungen von Büyük Güllücek ausgeführt durch die türkische historische Gesellschaft. Vorbericht über die Arbeiten von 1947 und 1949 (p. 290)
By Hamit Koşay and Mahmut Akok
Reviewed by Ann Perkins

Excavations at Nuzi, VII. Economic and Social Documents (pp. 290–291)
By E.R. Lacheman
Reviewed by J.J. Finkelstein

Die Hethitischen Grabfunde von Osmankayasi (pp. 291–292)
By Kurt Bittel, Wolf Herre, Heinrich Otten, Manfred Röhrs, and Johann Schaeuble
Reviewed by Machteld J. Mellink

Soundings at Tell Fakhariyah (pp. 292–294)
By Calvin W. McEwan, Linda S. Braidwood, Henri Frankfort, Hans H. Güterbock, Richard C. Haines, Helene J. Kantor, and Carl H. Kraeling
Reviewed by George M.A. Hanfmann

Extinct Languages (p. 294)
By Johannes Friedrich
Reviewed by Thomas O. Lambdin

La Ionia nel Mondo Miceneo (pp. 294–295)
By Filippo Cassola
Reviewed by Machteld J. Mellink

Mycenean Pottery in Italy and Adjacent Areas (pp. 295–299)
By William Taylour
Reviewed by Sara A. Immerwahr

The Decipherment of Linear B (pp. 299–300)
By John Chadwick
Reviewed by W. French Anderson

Samaria-Sebaste. Reports of the Work of the Joint Expedition in 1931–1933 and of the British Expedition in 1935. No. 3. The Objects from Samaria (pp. 300–303)
By J.W. Crowfoot, G.M. Crowfoot, and Kathleen M. Kenyon
Reviewed by Frances Follin Jones

Fortetsa. Early Greek Tombs near Knossos (pp. 303–305)
By J.K. Brock
Reviewed by E.L. Smithson

Korinthiaka. Recherches sur lHistoire et la Civilization de Corinthe des Origines aux Guerres Médiques (pp. 305–307)
By Edouard Will
Reviewed by J.L. Benson

Zum Epheben Westmacott (pp. 307–309)
By German Hafner
Reviewed by Alexander Cambitoglou

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Great Britain Fasc. 12, Reading Fasc. 1 (pp. 309–310)
By Percy Neville Ure and Annie Dunman Ure
Reviewed by Dietrich von Bothmer

Attische Grabschriften II: Unedierte Grabinschriften aus Athen und Attika (pp. 310–312)
By Werner Peek
Reviewed by Robert E.A. Palmer

Die Wände Pompejis, Topographisches Verzeichnis der Bildmotive (pp. 312–313)
By Karl Schefold
Reviewed by Phyllis Williams Lehmann

Museo del Prado. Catalogo de la escultura. I. Esculturas clasicas. II. Esculturas, copias e imitaciones de las antiguas (p. 313)
By A. Blanco
Reviewed by Cornelius Vermeule

Album of Dated Latin Inscriptions, I: Rome and the Neighborhood, Augustus to Nerva by Arthur E. Gordon; Contributions to the Palaeography of Latin Inscriptions (pp. 313–314)
By S. Joyce and Arthur E. Gordon
Reviewed by Alvaro d’Ors

Vichy Gallo-Romain (pp. 314–315)
By A. Morlet
Reviewed by Furio Jesi

Roman History from Coins (p. 315)
By Michael Grant
Reviewed by George L. Kustas

Roman Colchester (pp. 315–317)
By M.R. Hull
Reviewed by J.M.C. Toynbee

Fouilles de Glanum, 1947–1956 (p. 317)
By Henri Rolland
Reviewed by Olwen Brogan

Études d’épigraphie, d’archéologie et d’histoire africaine (pp. 317–318)
By Louis Leschi
Reviewed by T. Robert S. Broughton

Archaeological Discoveries in South Arabia (pp. 318–320)
By Richard LeBaron Bowen and Frank P. Albright
Reviewed by F.V. Winnett

Le stoffe copte del Museo Archeologico di Firenze (pp. 320–321)
By Lucia Guerrini
Reviewed by Louisa Bellinger

The Arts and Civilization of Angkor (pp. 321–322)
By Bernard-Philippe Groslier and Jacques Arthaud
Reviewed by Schuyler V.R. Cammann

Contributions to Arabic Metrology. I. Early Arabic Glass Weights and Measure Stamps Acquired by the American Numismatic Society. 1951–1956 (pp. 322–323)
By George C. Miles
Reviewed by Harold W. Glidden

The Cultivation and Weaving of Cotton in the Prehistoric Southwestern United States (pp. 323–325)
By Kate Peck Kent
Reviewed by Jrene Emery

Archaeological Excavations in the Northern Sierra Madre Occidental, Chihuahua and Sonora, Mexico (pp. 325–326)
By Robert H. Lister
Reviewed by Ignacio Bernal

The Aztecs: People of the Sun (pp. 326–327)
By Alfonso Caso and Lowell Dunham
Reviewed by R.F. Millon

Mixtec Ethnohistory. A Method of Analysis of the Codical Art (p. 327)
By Philip Dark
Reviewed by Gordon F. Ekholm

River Basin Surveys Papers, Numbers 9–14 (p. 328)
By Frank H.H. Roberts, Jr.
Reviewed by E. Mott Davis


Erratum, Volume 63, No. 2: Excavations at Serra Orlando 1958 Preliminary Report III (p. 328)