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April–June 1933 (37.2)

The Mantic Mechanism at Delphi (pp. 201–214)
Leicester B. Holland

La Grande Iscrizione Bacchica del Metropolitan Museum (pp. 215–231)
Achille Vogliano

La Grande Inscription Bachique du Metropolitan Museum. II. Commentaire Religieux de l’Inscription (pp. 232–263)
Franz Cumont

Abstract of the Articles on the Bacchic Inscription in the Metropolitan Museum (pp. 264–270)
Christine Alexander

Excavations at Eleusis, 1932 Preliminary Report (pp. 271–286)
George E. Mylonas

Amantius and the Date of C.P.R. 247 (pp. 287–288)
H. Comfort

Activities in the American Zone of the Athenian Agora, Summer of 1932 (pp. 289–296)
Homer Thompson

Excavations at Stobi in Jugoslavia (pp. 297–301)
Hetty Goldman

Corrigenda: Archaeological News and Discussions (p. 301)

Archaeological Notes

The Joint Expedition to Persia (pp. 302–304)
Erich F. Schmidt

The Current Excavations in the Athenian Agora (pp. 305–312)
T. Leslie Shear

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 313–342)
David M. Robinson and Elizabeth Pierce Blegen

Book Reviews

The Excavation of Tell Beit Mirsim, Vol. I, The Pottery of the First Three Campaigns (p. 343)
By William Foxwell Albright
Reviewed by Gerald M. Fitz Gerald

Qadesh: Mission Archéologique À Tell Nebi Mend, 1921–1922 (pp. 343–344)
By Maurice Pézard
Reviewed by E.A. Speiser

The Flint Miners of Blackpatch (pp. 344–345)
By J.H. Pull
Reviewed by George Grant MacCurdy

Cinq Années de Recherches Archéologiques en Éthiopie, Province du Harar et Éthiopie Méridionale (p. 345)
By R.P. Azaïs and R. Chambard
Reviewed by George A. Barton

The Origin of Chalcidian Ware (pp. 345–346)
By H.R.W. Smith
Reviewed by Edith Hall Dohan

Pontische Vasen (p. 346)
By Pericle Ducati
Reviewed by H.R.W. Smith

Sculptured Portraits of Greek Statesmen with a Special Study of Alexander the Great (pp. 346–347)
By Elmer G. Suhr
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Athenian Tribal Cycles in the Hellenistic Age (pp. 347–348)
By William Scott Ferguson
Reviewed by Allen Brown West

Archaeologia Hungarica. IX. Leletek a Hun Rorsazkbólés Ethnikai Szétválasztásuk (p. 348)
By Andreas Alföldi
Reviewed by Clarence A. Manning                              

Prassitele (pp. 348–350)
By G.E. Rizzo
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Einleitung in die Altertumswissenschaft. II Band, 3 Heft, Griechische und Roemische Kunst (p. 350)
By Alfred Gercke, Edouard Norden, and A. Rumpf
Reviewed by Edith Hall Dohan

Die attischen Grabreliefs des 5. und 4. Jahrhunderts v. Chr. (p. 351)
By Hans Diepolder
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

The Ephemerides of Alexander’s Expedition (pp. 351–352)
By Charles Alexander Robinson
Reviewed by Casper J. Kraemer, Jr.

Dura Studies (pp. 352–353)
By Jotham Johnson
Reviewed by Allen Brown West

The Excavations at Dura-Europos. Preliminary Report of Third Season of Work, November 1929–March 1930 (pp. 353–354)
By P.V.C. Baur, M.I. Rostovtzeff, and Alfred R. Bellinger
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Karanis, Topographical and Architectural Report of Excavations during the Seasons 1924–28 (pp. 354–355)
By Arthur E.R. Boak and Enoch E. Peterson
Reviewed by Ludlow Bull

Deutsches Archaeologisches Institut (pp. 355–358)
By Wilhelm von Massow and Emil Krüger
Reviewed by M. Rostovtzeff

Katalog der Bibliothek des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts in Rom. Band II (p. 358)
By August Mau and Friedrich Matz
Reviewed by Tenney Frank

The Influence of Technique on the Decorative Style in the Domestic Pottery of Culhuacan (pp. 358–359)
By Anita Brenner
Reviewed by J. Alden Mason                                           

A History of Ancient Mexico (pp. 359–360)
By Fray Bernadino de Sahagun and Fanny R. Bandelier
Reviewed by J. Alden Mason                                                                          

Cimabue: A Critical Study (pp. 360–362)
By Alfred Nicholson
Reviewed by G.H. Edgell

Mélanges Hulin de Loo (p. 362)
By G. van Oest
Reviewed by G.H. Edgell

Bibliography of Archaeological Books 1932 (pp. 363–375)
David M. Robinson