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April 1962 (66.2)


Evidence for Glass Manufacture in Ancient Thessaly (pp. 129–133)
Gladys Davidson Weinberg

Excavations at Morgantina (Serra Orlando) 1961 Preliminary Report VI (pp. 135–143)
Erik Sjöqvist

The Palace of Nestor Excavations of 1961 (pp. 145–152)
Carl W. Blegen and Mabel Lang

The 1961 Campaign at Gordion (pp. 153–168)
Rodney S. Young

A Classification of Nabataean Fine Ware (pp. 169–180)
Philip C. Hammond

Archaeological Notes

Palaeolithic in the Argolid (pp. 181–182)
Perry A. Bialor and Michael H. Jameson

The Aegina Treasure (pp. 182–184)
Clark Hopkins

Notes on the Chimaera Group (pp. 185–187)
Patricia Lawrence

Two Herms in the Fogg Museum (pp. 187–189)
James R. McCredie

Concerning Kramer’s Review of Python (pp. 189–191)
Joseph Fontenrose


Sixty-Third General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (1961) (pp. 194–202) 

Book Reviews

Mission archéologique de Mari II, Le palais; Architecture. Mission archéologique de Mari II, Le palais; Peintures murales (pp. 203–204)
By A. Parrot
Reviewed by Prudence Oliver Harper

Ur in Retrospect. In Memory of Sir C. Leonard Woolley (pp. 204–205)
By M.E.L. Mallowan and D.J. Wiseman
Reviewed by W.G. Lambert

Sumerian Proverbs, Glimpses of Everyday Life in Ancient Mesopotamia (pp. 205–207)
By Edmund I. Gordon
Reviewed by B.E. Perry

Archaeology in the Holy Land (p. 207)
By Kathleen M. Kenyon
Reviewed by G. Ernest Wright

Egyptian Sculpture of the Late Period, Catalogue of an Exhibition, Held at The Brooklyn Museum 18 October 1960 to 9 January 1961 (pp. 207–209)
By Bernard V. Bothmer and Elizabeth Riefstahl
Reviewed by Cyril Aldred

Die Altheimer Gruppe und das Jungneolithikum in Mitteleuropa (pp. 209–210)
By Jürgen Driehaus
Reviewed by Marija Gimbutas

Die Megalithgräber der iberischen Halbinsel. Der Westen (p. 210)
By Georg Leisner and Vera Leisner
Reviewed by Olaf H. Prufer

Kirrha. Étude de préhistoire phocidienne (p. 211)
By Léopold Dor, Jean Jannoray, Henri van Effenterre, and Micheline van Effenterre
Reviewed by John L. Caskey

The Origins of Greek Civilization 1100–650 B.C. (pp. 212–214)
By Chester G. Starr
Reviewed by Machteld J. Mellink

Das Fischer Lexikon, Bildende Kunst, I, Archäologie (p. 214)
By Walter-Herwig Schuchhardt
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Die Tyche von Antiochia (pp. 214–216)
By Tobias Dohrn
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Samothrace: Excavations Conducted by the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University, by Karl Lehmann; Samothrace: Excavations Conducted by the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University, Vol. 2, Part i: The Inscriptions on Stone, by P.M. Fraser; Samothrace: Excavations Conducted by the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University, Vol. 2, Part ii: The Inscriptions on Ceramics and Minor Objects, by Karl Lehmann (pp. 216–217)
Reviewed by Colin N. Edmonson

Il Mondo degli Etruschi (pp. 217–218)
By Luisa Banti
Reviewed by Emeline Hill Richardson

The Etruscan Lion (pp. 218–219)
By W. Llewellyn Brown
Reviewed by George M.A. Hanfmann

Cosa II. The Temples of the Arx (pp. 219–220)
By Frank E. Brown, Emeline H. Richardson, and L. Richardson
Reviewed by Erik Sjöqvist

Troy. Supplementary Monograph 2: The Coins (pp. 220–221)
By Alfred R. Bellinger
Reviewed by James D. Breckenridge

Paris antique des origines au troisième siècle (pp. 221–222)
By Paul-Marie Duval
Reviewed by Olwen Brogan

Linz-Zizlau: Das baierische Gräberfeld an der Traunmündung (pp. 222–223)
By Hertha Ladenbauer-Orel
Reviewed by Josephine M. Harris

Numismatique susienne, monnaies trouvées à Suse de 1946 à 1956 (pp. 223–224)
By R. Göbl, G. Le Rider, G.C. Miles, and J. Walker
Reviewed by R. Ross Holloway

The Application of Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (pp. 224–225)
By Robert F. Heizer and Sherburne F. Cook
Reviewed by Carl-Axel Moberg

Prehistoric Man on the Great Plains (pp. 225–226)
By Waldo R. Wedel
Reviewed by Donald J. Lehmer


A Provincial Statue of the Egyptian Sixth Dynasty (p. 226)