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January 1967 (71.1)


Cycladic Metallurgy and the Aegean Early Bronze Age (pp. 1–20)
Colin Renfrew

Early Arsenical Bronzes: A Metallurgical View (pp. 21–26)
J.A. Charles

Athena and Athens in the East Pediment of the Parthenon (pp. 27–58)
Evelyn B. Harrison

Excavations at Satrianum, 1966 (pp. 59–62)
R. Ross Holloway

Isotope Studies of Ancient Lead (pp. 63–77)
Robert H. Brill and J.M. Wampler

Archaeological Notes

Six Sherds from Phlius (pp. 79–80)
William R. Biers

The Rainbow Mosaic at Pergamon and Aristotelian Color Theory (pp. 81–82)
Gloria Saltz Merker

A Geometric Oenochoe with Ship Scene in Hobart (pp. 82–87)
R.G. Hood

A Mycenaean Hydria in Hobart (pp. 87–89)
R.G. Hood

Book Reviews

Amarna Reliefs from Hermopolis in American Collections (p. 90)
By John D. Cooney
Reviewed by Nora Scott

Das Geburtshaus des Tempels der Isis in Philä (pp. 90–91)
By Hermann Junker and Erich Winter
Reviewed by George R. Hughes

Hermopolis Magna, Ashmunein. The Ptolemaic Sanctuary and the Basilica (pp. 91–92)
By A.J.B. Wace, A.H.S. Megaw, and T.C. Skeat
Reviewed by Donald White

Interconnections in the Ancient Near East. A Study of the Relationships between the Arts of Egypt, the Aegean, and Western Asia (pp. 92–94)
By William Stevenson Smith
Reviewed by Machteld J. Mellink

Oumm el-‘Amed, Une Ville de l’époque hellénistique aux échelles de Tyr (pp. 94–95)
By Maurice Dunand and Raymond Duru
Reviewed by Frances Follin Jones

Manuel d’architecture grecque, I: matériaux et techniques (pp. 95–96)
By Roland Martin
Reviewed by Charles Kaufman Williams

Samothrace 4, 11, The Altar Court (pp. 96–98)
By Karl Lehmann and Denys Spittle
Reviewed by Oscar Broneer

Der griechische Tempel, Wesen und Gestalt (pp. 98–99)
By Heinz Kähler
Reviewed by Oscar Broneer

Masterpieces of Greek Art (p. 99)
By Raymond V. Schoder
Reviewed by Oscar Broneer

Die thessalischen Grabreliefs-Studien zur nordgriechischen Kunst (pp. 99–101)
By Hagen Biesantz
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

I frontoni del Tempio di Aphaia ad Egina (pp. 101–102)
By Antonio Invernizzi
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Bei Töpfern und Zieglern in Süditalien, Sizilien und Griechenland (pp. 102–103)
By Roland Hampe and Adam Winter
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Cyprus, Fascicule 2. Private Collections, Fascicule 1 (pp. 103–105)
By Vassos Karageorghis
Reviewed by Sara A. Immerwahr                                        

Tradition und Neuschöpfung in der frühalexandrinischen Kleinkunst (pp. 105–106)
By Berta Segall
Reviewed by Dorothy Burr Thompson

The Antikythera Shipwreck Reconsidered (p. 106) 
By Gladys Davidson Weinberg, Virginia R. Grace, G. Roger Edwards, Henry S. Robinson, Peter Throckmorton, and Elizabeth K. Ralph
Reviewed by Anna Marguerite McCann

Gesten und Gebärden in der griechischen Kunst (pp. 106–107)
By Gerhard Neumann
Reviewed by Mary L. Heuser

Griechische Sagen in der frühen Etruskischen Kunst (pp. 107–108)
By Roland Hampe and Erika Simon
Reviewed by Ruth Ilsley Hicks

The Art of the Romans (p. 108)
By J.M.C. Toynbee
Reviewed by Cornelius Vermeule

The Excavations in the Mithraeum of the Church of Santa Prisca in Rome (pp. 108–109)
By M.J. Vermaseren and C.C. van Essen
Reviewed by Doris Taylor Bishop

Deities and Dolphins. The Story of the Nabataeans (pp. 109–110)
By Nelson Glueck
Reviewed by Josephine M. Harris

The Sacred Portal, a Primary Symbol in Ancient Judaic Art (pp. 110–111)
By Bernard Goldman
Reviewed by Michael M. Eisman

Studi in onore di Luisa Banti (p. 111)
Reviewed by J.B. Ward-Perkins

Archaeological Flood Damage (pp. 113–114)
Kyle Meredith Phillips, Jr.