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A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
(pp. 1–2)
Open Access
Jane B. Carter

A Letter from the Editor of the Book Reviews
(pp. 3–4)
Open Access
David L. Stone


Happily Ever After? A Hellenistic Hoard from Tel Kedesh in Israel
(pp. 39–59)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Adi Erlich

Field Reports

Excavations of the New Kingdom Fortress in Jaffa, 2011–2014: Traces of Resistance to Egyptian Rule in Canaan
(pp. 85–133)
Open Access
Aaron A. Burke, Martin Peilstöcker, Amy Karoll, George A. Pierce, Krister Kowalski, Nadia Ben-Marzouk, Jacob C. Damm, Andrew J. Danielson, Heidi D. Fessler, Brett Kaufman, Krystal V.L. Pierce, Felix Höflmayer, Brian N. Damiata, Michael Dee

Fieldwork at Phrygian Gordion, 2013–2015
(pp. 135–178)
Open Access
Charles Brian Rose

Book Reviews

The Last Amateur: The Life of William J. Stillman
Open Access
By Stephen L. Dyson
Reviewed by Ellis E. McDowell-Loudan

Negotiating Culture: Heritage, Ownership, and Intellectual Property
Open Access
Edited by Laetitia La Follette
Reviewed by Morag M. Kersel

Defining the Sacred: Approaches to the Archaeology of Religion in the Near East
Open Access
Edited by Nicola Laneri
Reviewed by Marta Ameri

Ancient Warfare: Introducing Current Research. Vol. 1
Open Access
Edited by Geoff Lee, Helene Whittaker, and Graham Wrightson
Reviewed by Christopher Matthew

Hasanlu V: The Late Bronze and Iron I Periods
Open Access
By Michael D. Danti
Reviewed by Peter Ian Kuniholm

Gezer VI: The Objects from Phases I and II, 1964–1974
Open Access
By Garth Gilmour
Reviewed by Aaron A. Burke

The Manufacture of Minoan Metal Vessels: Theory and Practice
Open Access
By Christina F. Clarke
Reviewed by Philip P. Betancourt

Mycenaean Wall Painting in Context: New Discoveries, Old Finds Reconsidered
Open Access
Edited by Hariclia Brecoulaki, Jack L. Davis, and Sharon R. Stocker
Reviewed by Fritz Blakolmer

The Greeks in Asia
Open Access
By John Boardman
Reviewed by Michele Minardi

Pyla-Koutsopetria I: Archaeological Survey of an Ancient Coastal Town
Open Access
By William Caraher, R. Scott Moore, and David Pettegrew
Reviewed by Thomas W. Davis

Ancient Geography: The Discovery of the World in Classical Greece and Rome
Open Access
By Duane W. Roller
Reviewed by Tønnes Bekker-Nielsen

Master of Attic Black-Figure Painting: The Art and Legacy of Exekias
Open Access
By Elizabeth Moignard
Reviewed by T.H. Carpenter

Athenian Potters and Painters. Vol. 3
Open Access
Edited by John H. Oakley
Reviewed by Ann Blair Brownlee

Couched in Death: Klinai and Identity in Anatolia and Beyond
Open Access
By Elizabeth P. Baughan
Reviewed by Fiona Hobden

The Architecture of the Ancient Greek Theatre
Open Access
Edited by Rune Frederiksen, Elizabeth R. Gebhard, and Alexander Sokolicek
Reviewed by Jessica Paga

Heroic Offerings: The Terracotta Plaques from the Spartan Sanctuary of Agamemnon and Kassandra
Open Access
By Gina Salapata
Reviewed by Stéphanie Huysecom-Haxhi

Morgantina Studies. Vol. 6, The Hellenistic and Roman Fine Pottery
Open Access
By Shelley C. Stone
Reviewed by Nicholas F. Hudson

The Genesis of Roman Architecture
Open Access
By John North Hopkins
Reviewed by Seth Bernard

Per Terram, Per Mare: Seaborne Trade and the Distribution of Roman Amphorae in the Mediterranean
Open Access
Edited by Stella Demesticha
Reviewed by Konstantinos Filis

Glass of the Roman World
Open Access
Edited by Justine Bayley, Ian Freestone, and Caroline Jackson
Reviewed by Ruth E. Jackson-Tal

Münzbild und Gemeinschaft: Die Prägungen der römischen Kolonien in Kleinasien
Open Access
By Axel Filges
Reviewed by Nathan T. Elkins

The Roman Forum: A Reconstruction and Architectural Guide
Open Access
By Gilbert J. Gorski and James E. Packer
Reviewed by Roger B. Ulrich

The Restoration of the Roman Forum in Late Antiquity: Transforming Public Space
Open Access
By Gregor Kalas
Reviewed by Ine Jacobs

Books Received