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Museum Review Editorial Statement
(pp. 531–532)
Open Access
Beth Cohen


Searching for Etruscan Identity
(pp. 413–417)
Helen Nagy, Larissa Bonfante, Jane K. Whitehead

Moon Over Pyrgi: Catha, an Etruscan Lunar Goddess?
(pp. 419–428)
Nancy T. de Grummond

Nursing Mothers in Greek and Roman Medicine
(pp. 459–464)
Julie Laskaris

Field Reports

Beidha in Jordan: A Dionysian Hall in a Nabataean Landscape
(pp. 465–507)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Patricia Maynor Bikai, Chrysanthos Kanellopoulos, Shari Lee Saunders


Archaeology in Jordan, 2007 Season
(pp. 509–528)
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Stephen H. Savage, Donald R. Keller, Christopher A. Tuttle


Wilhelmina Feemster Jashemski, 1910–2007
(pp. 529–530)
Robert I. Curtis

Print Museum Reviews

Print Book Reviews

Book Reviews July 2008
(pp. 543–559)

Online Museum Reviews

Minoans in New York
Open Access
Robert B. Koehl

Online Review Articles

Conservation of Ruins
Open Access
Reviewed by Mary Stieber

Imperialism, Art and Restitution
Open Access
Reviewed by Louise Tythacott

The Rise of Bronze Age Society
Open Access
Reviewed by Stephen Shennan

Gordion Seals and Sealings: Individuals and Society
Open Access
Reviewed by Suzanne Herbordt

Heiligtümer in Ostia
Open Access
Reviewed by Michael Heinzelmann

The Small Temple: A Roman Imperial Cult Building in Petra, Jordan
Open Access
Reviewed by Stephan G. Schmid

Roman Portrait Statuary from Aphrodisias
Open Access
Reviewed by Zahra Newby

L’Agora de Palmyre
Open Access
Reviewed by Susan B. Downey

Women in Roman Britain [and] Roman Women
Open Access
Reviewed by Glenys Davies

Books Received

List of Books Received
(pp. 560–563)