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July 1953 (56.3)

Epigraphical Honor and the Hesperia Index (pp. 161–168)
W. Kendrick Pritchett

Notes and Discussions

Alexander’s Brutality (pp. 169–170)
C.A. Robinson, Jr.


Fifty-Third General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (1951) (pp. 171–178)


William Hepburn Buckler (p. 179)
David Moore Robinson

Cleveland King Chase (pp. 179–180)

George Henry Chase (pp. 180–181)

Leicester Bodine Holland (pp. 181–182)
James L. Kelso

Frederik Poulsen (pp. 182–183)
Harald Ingholt

Book Reviews

Niobe, Neue Studien über antike Religion und Humanität (p. 185)
By Karl Kerényi
Reviewed by Ludwig Edelstein

The Stranger at the Gate (pp. 185–186)
By T.J. Haarhoff
Reviewed by Ludwig Edelstein

Some Notes on Artists in the Roman World (pp. 186–187)
By J.M.C. Toynbee
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Ars Hispaniae: Historia Universal del Arte Hispanico. Vol. II: Arte Romano, by Blas Taracena; Arte Paleocristiano, by Pedro Batlle Huguet; Arte Visigodo, by Helmut Schlunk (p. 187)
Reviewed by Rhys Carpenter

Esculturas Romanas de España y Portugal (pp. 187–188)
By Antonio García y Bellido
Reviewed by David Moore Robinson

Münchner Beiträge zur Vor- und Frühgeschichte für das Bayerische Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, die Vor- und Frühgeschichtliche Staatssammlung und das Institut für Vor- und Frühgeschichte an der Universität München Band 3. Der römische Schatzfund von Straubing (pp. 188–189)
By Josef Keim and Hans Klumbach
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

The Town of Nebo (Khirbet el-Mekhayyat) with a Brief Survey of Other Ancient Christian Monuments in Transjordan (pp. 189–190)
By Fr. Sylvester J. Saller and Fr. Bellarmino Bagatti
Reviewed by C.C. McCown                     

Greek Mythology in Byzantine Art (pp. 190–192)
By Kurt Weitzmann
Reviewed by Marjorie J. Milne