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April 1964 (68.2)


The Palace of Nestor Excavations of 1963 (pp. 95–105)
Carl W. Blegen and Mabel Lang

Classical Vases in the Santa Barbara Museum of Art (pp. 107–112)
Mario A. del Chiaro

The Date of the So-Called Lysippean Jason (pp. 113–128)
Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Another Prototype for the Gigantomachy of Pergamon (pp. 129–136)
Seymour Howard

Excavations at Morgantina (Serra Orlando) 1963 Preliminary Report VIII (pp. 137–147)
Erik Sjöqvist

Archaeology in Asia Minor (pp. 149–166)
Machteld J. Mellink

Archaeological Notes

Corinthian Vases at Wellesley College (pp. 167–172)
J.L. Benson

The Populonia Painter (pp. 172–174)
J.L. Benson

A Re-Examination of the Late Attic Geometric Hydria No. 1212 in the Museum of Villa Giulia (pp. 174–178)
Richard Bronson

A Note on the Foundation Date of Carthage (p. 178)
Rhys Carpenter

A New Greek Inscription from Antioch on the Orontes (pp. 178–179)
Carl H. Kraeling

Notes on Three Western Greek Temples (pp. 179–184)
A. Trevor Hodge

Two Unknown Greek Bronzes of the Archaic Period (pp. 185–188)
Herbert Hoffmann


A Correction: Archaistic Reliefs of the Hellenistic Period (p. 188)


Gorham Phillips Stevens (pp. 189–190)
Lucy T. Shoe


Sixty-Fifth General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (1963) (pp. 192–203) 

Book Reviews

The Sumerians. Their History, Culture, and Character (p. 205)
By Samuel Noah Kramer
Reviewed by A.K. Grayson

Ur Excavations, Vol. IX. The Neo-Babylonian and Persian Periods (pp. 205–206)
By Leonard Woolley
Reviewed by W.G. Lambert

Persian Art, the Parthian and Sassanian Dynasties, 249 B.C.–A.D. 651 (pp. 206–207)
By Roman Ghirshman, Stuart Gilbert, and James Emmons
Reviewed by Charles K. Wilkinson

Papyrus Reisner I, Transcription and Commentary (pp. 207–208)
By William Kelly Simpson
Reviewed by Hans Goedicke

Hallstatt. Die Salzhandelsmetropole des ersten Jahrtausends vor Christus in den Alpen (p. 208)
By Karl Kromer
Reviewed by Stephen Foltiny

Treasures in the Cyprus Museum (p. 208)
By Vassos Karageorghis
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

Festschrift für Friedrich Matz (pp. 208–210)
By Nikolaus Himmelmann-Wildschutz and Hagen Biesantz
Reviewed by Dericksen Brinkerkoff

Art and Archaeology (p. 210)
By James S. Ackerman and Rhys Carpenter
Reviewed by George Boas

Greek, Etruscan and Roman Art (pp. 210–211)
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Deutschland, Band 21, Berlin Antiquarium, Band 2 (pp. 211–212)
By Adolf Greifenhagen
Reviewed by Ann Ashmead

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, France, fascicule 20, Laon, fascicule 1 (pp. 212–213)
By Juliette de la Genière
Reviewed by Herbert Hoffmann

Victory as a Coin Type (pp. 213–214)
By Alfred R. Bellinger and Marjorie Alkins Berlincourt
Reviewed by R. Ross Holloway

Janus and the Bridge (pp. 214–215)
By Louise Adams Holland
Reviewed by Inez Scott Ryberg

L’Arc D’Orange (pp. 215–216)
By R. Amy, P.-M. Duval, J. Formigé, J.-J. Hatt, A. Piganiol, Ch. Picard, and G.-Ch. Picard
Reviewed by Charles Kaufman Williams

Die Graeberfelder von Lauriacum: das Espelmayrfeld, by Aemilian Kloiber; Appendix: Die Gläser des Espelmayrfeldes, by Edit B. Thomas (p. 216)
Reviewed by Gladys Davidson Weinberg

Pirro Ligorio’s Roman Antiquities (pp. 216–217)
By Erna Mandowsky and Charles Mitchell
Reviewed by Katharine Shepard

Radioactive Dating (p. 217)
Reviewed by Joseph V. Noble

A Quantitative Method for Deriving Cultural Chronology (pp. 217–218)
By James A. Ford
Reviewed by William M. Harrison

Aztec Thought and Culture, a Study of the Ancient Nahuatl Mind (pp. 218–219)
By Miguel León-Portilla
Reviewed by Charles E. Dibble