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January 1951 (55.1)

Parrhasios (pp. 1–12)
Andreas Rumpf

Cernunnos: Origin and Transformation of a Celtic Divinity (pp. 13–51)
Phyllis Fray Bober

The Byzantine Inscriptions of Constantinople: A Bibliographical Survey (pp. 52–66)
C.A. Mango

Notes and Discussions

The Eleusis Vase (p. 67)
Tom B. Jones

A Late Antique Imperial Portrait Recently Discovered at Istanbul (pp. 67–71)
Nezih Firatli

Archaeological Bibliography (pp. 71–80)
C. Bradford Welles and Ann Perkins

Archaeological News (pp. 81–100)
Ann Perkins

Necrology (pp. 101–102)
Stephen B. Luce

Book Reviews

The Loom of Prehistory, a Commentary and a Select Bibliography of the Prehistory of Southern Africa, by A.J.H. Goodwin; Primitive Pottery, an Introduction to South African Ceramics Prehistoric and Protohistoric, by J.F. Schofield; The Bored Stones of South Africa. By A.J.H. Goodwin (pp. 102–104)
Reviewed by Hallam L. Movius, Jr.

Crestaulta, Eine bronzezeitliche Hügelsiedlung bei Surin in Lugnez (pp. 104–105)
By Walo Bukart
Reviewed by M. Gimbutas

The Statue of Idri-Mi (pp. 105–106)
By Sidney Smith
Reviewed by Leon Legrain

Hamā: Fouilles et Recherches de la Fondation Carlsberg, 1931–1938. Les cimetières à crémation (pp. 106–107)
By P.J. Riis
Reviewed by W.F. Albright

Middle East Archaeology (pp. 107–108)
By Leonard Woolley
Reviewed by Ann Perkins

La Naissance de l’Aurore, Poème mythologique de Ras Shamra-Ugarit, traduit et commenté (p. 108)
By René Largement
Reviewed by H.L. Ginsberg

Notes on the Early Coinage of Transoxiana (pp. 108–109)
By Richard N. Frye
Reviewed by B. Philip Lozinski

Le Problème des Pyramides d’Égypte (pp. 109–110)
By Jean-Philippe Lauer
Reviewed by Ann Perkins

Le Temple de Hatshepsout à Deir el Bahari (pp. 110–113)
By Marcelle Werbrouck
Reviewed by Keith C. Seele

Ramesside Administrative Documents (p. 113)
By Alan Gardiner
Reviewed by William F. Edgerton

Orient, Hellas und Rom, in der archäologischen Forschung seit 1939 (pp. 113–114)
By Karl Schefold
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

History of Ancient Geography (pp. 114–115)
By J. Oliver Thomson
Reviewed by C. Bradford Welles

The Western Greeks. The History of Sicily and South Italy from the Foundation of the Greek Colonies to 480 B.C. (pp. 115–116)
By T.J. Dunbabin
Reviewed by C. Bradford Welles

Onesicritus. A Study in Hellenistic Historiography (pp. 116–117)
By Truesdell S. Brown
Reviewed by Paul MacKendrick

Griechische Vasenmalerei (p. 117)
By Werner Schmalenbach
Reviewed by Dietrich von Bothmer

Le Trophée des Alpes (pp. 117–118)
By Jules Formigé
Reviewed by Doris Taylor

Early Scotland. The Picts, the Scots and the Welsh of Southern Scotland (pp. 118–119)
By H.M. Chadwick
Reviewed by Phyllis Pray Bober

The Structural History of the Aqsa Mosque, A Record of Archaeological Gleanings from the Repairs of 1938–1942 (pp. 119–120)
By R.W. Hamilton
Reviewed by Donald N. Wilber

Slavianske keramika y Bulgarija (p. 120)
By Krsto Miatev and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Reviewed by M. Gimbutas