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July–September 1911 (15.3)

An Archaic Greek Grave Stele in Boston (pp. 293–301)
L.D. Caskey

A Pair of Black-Figured Lecythi in the Worcester Museum (pp. 302–309)
Elizabeth Manning Gardiner

A Roman Bowl from Bagdad (pp. 310–321)
Oliver S. Tonks

Brooklyn Museum Measurements of 1910 in the Spiral Stairway of the Pisa Campanile (pp. 322–339)
William H. Goodyear

Notes on Central Italian Painters (pp. 340–348)
Morton H. Bernath

Medusa, Apollo, and the Great Mother (pp. 349–377)
A.L. Frothingham

Two Unpublished Oedipus Vases in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (pp. 378–385)
Hetty Goldman

Privernum: III. Roman Remains in the Territory of the Roman Colony (pp. 386–402)
Henry H. Armstong

Archaeological News (pp. 403–443)
William N. Bates