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October 1967 (71.4)

Volume Index

Volume 71 (1967) Index (Open Access)


The Lady from the Sea: A Greek Bronze in Turkey (pp. 329–334)
Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

The Post-Classical Cult of Malophoros at Selinus (pp. 335–352)
Donald White

A Banquet Hall at Mycenaean Pylos (pp. 353–360)
J. Walter Graham

A Monument for Guido Kaschnitz von Weinberg (pp. 361–386)
Margarete Bieber

A Preliminary Excavation of an Hadrianic Temple at Tell er Ras on Mount Gerizim (pp. 387–393)
Robert J. Bull

News Letter from Rome (pp. 395–398)
A.W. van Buren

Archaeological News from Cyprus, 1966 (pp. 399–406)
K. Nicolaou

Archaeological Notes

A Diademed Roman? (pp. 407–409)
Otto J. Brendel

The Vapheio Gems: A Further Comment (pp. 409–410)
Victor E.G. Kenna

Book Reviews

Mumienporträts und verwandte Denkmäler (pp. 411–412)
By Klaus Parlasca
Reviewed by William H. Peck

The Hyksos, a New Investigation (pp. 412–413)
By John van Seters
Reviewed by Hans Goedicke

Late Ramesside Letters (p. 413)
By Edward F. Wente
Reviewed by Hans Goedicke

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Deutschland, fascicule 27, Heidelberg, fascicule 3 (p. 414)
By Fulvio Canciani
Reviewed by Saul S. Weinberg

L’agora di Cirene. I Lati Nord ed Est della Platea Inferiore (pp. 414–416)
By S. Stucchi
Reviewed by Donald White

L’insula di Giasone Magno a Cirene (pp. 416–417)
By P. Mingazzini
Reviewed by Donald White

Coin and Temple. A Study of the Architectural Representation on Ancient Jewish Coins (p. 417)
By Alice Muehsam
Reviewed by Louis H. Feldman

Les intailles magiques gréco-égyptiennes (pp. 417–419)
By A. Delatte and Ph. Derchain
Reviewed by Morton Smith

Wandel der Hermesgestalt in der attischen Vasenmalerei (p. 419)
By Paul Zanker
Reviewed by Ruth Ilsley Hicks

Fortified Military Camps in Attica (pp. 419–420)
By James R. McCredie
Reviewed by Wallace McLeod

Die steinschneide Kunst und ihre Künstler in spätrepublikanischer Zeit (pp. 420–422)
By M.L. Vollenweider
Reviewed by Gemma Sena Chiesa

Corinth, Vol. VIII, Part III. The Inscriptions 1926–1950 (pp. 422–424)
By John Harvey Kent
Reviewed by Daniel J. Geagan

The Roman Imperial Coinage, VII. Constantine and Licinius, A.D. 313–337 (p. 424)
By Patrick M. Bruun
Reviewed by James D. Breckenridge

Glen Canyon: A Summary (pp. 425–426)
By Jesse D. Jennings
Reviewed by Robert H. Lister

Fremont-Promontory-Plains Relationships in Northern Utah (pp. 426–427)
By C. Melvin Aikens
Reviewed by Waldo R. Wedel

Ancient Oaxaca: Discoveries in Mexican Archeology and History (pp. 427–429)
By John Paddock
Reviewed by Kent V. Flannery

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor (pp. 429–432)
Phyllis Williams Lehmann