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April–June 1918 (22.2)

The Ludovisi Relief and Its Companion Piece in Boston (pp. 101–145)
L.D. Caskey

The Vivenzio Vase and the Tyrannicides (pp. 146–153)
Oliver M. Washburn

Three Unknown Churches in Spain (pp. 154–165)
Georgiana Goddard King

Three French Gothic Tapestries Hitherto Known as the “Baillée Des Roses” (pp. 166–174)
Stella Rubinstein

Notes on the Servian Wall (pp. 175–188)
Tenney Frank

Latin Inscriptions from Corinth (pp. 189–197)
L.R. Dean

Archaeological Discussions (pp. 199–240)
William N. Bates

Bibliography of Archaeological Books 1917 (pp. 241–250)
William N. Bates