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April–June 1947 (51.2)

The Hekatompedon on the Athenian Acropolis (pp. 109–151)
William Bell Dinsmoor

The Pottery of Alaca Höyük (pp. 152–157)
Hamit Z. Koşay and Mahmut Akok

The Lipit-Ishtar Law Code (pp. 158–164)
Francis R. Steele

Aegean Chronology: Neolithic Period and Early Bronze Age (pp. 165–182)
Saul S. Weinberg

Archaeological Digest (pp. 183–190)
C. Bradford Welles

Archaeological News (pp. 191–202)
Ann Perkins and Robert J. Braidwood

Book Reviews

A Grammar of the Post-Ptolemaic Papyri (pp. 203–204)
By Leonard Robert Palmer
Reviewed by C. Bradford Welles

Prometheus (p. 204)
By Karl Kerényi
Reviewed by Helen H. Law

Briefwechsel über Romandichtung und Mythologie (pp. 204–205)
By Karl Kerényi and Thomas Mann
Reviewed by Marianne Thalmann

Histoire generale des Religions: Grece-Rome (p. 205)
By Jean Charbonneaux, Pierre Fabre, A.J. Festugière, and Martin P.N. Nilsson
Reviewed by Thomas A. Brady

Die Geburt der Helena samt humanistischen Schriften aus den Jahren 1943–1945 (pp. 205–206)
By Karl Kerényi
Reviewed by Helen H. Law

Corpus Vasorum Hispanorum. Ceramica de Azaila: Museos Arqueológicos de Madrid, Barcelona, y Zaragoza (pp. 206–209)
By Juan Cabré Aguiló
Reviewed by D.A. Amyx

Bibliography of Archaeological Books—1946 (pp. 211–217)
David M. Robinson

Necrologies: August Oxé, Joseph Bidez, John Campbell Merriam, Charles Norris Cochrane, Edward Kennard Rand, John David Wallace, James O. Ewart, Stanley Casson, John Devitt Stringfellow Pendlebury (pp. 219–220)
Stephen B. Luce