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April–June 1893 (8.2)

Some Unpublished Monuments by Luca Della Robbia (pp. 153–170)
Allan Marquand

Egyptian Chronology (pp. 171–183)
Samuel Beswick

A Series of Cypriote Heads in the Metropolitan Museum (pp. 184–189)
A.C. Merriam

A Tablet Referring to Dues Paid to the Temple of the Sun at Sippara (pp. 190–191)
Theo. G. Pinches

A Sepulchral Inscription from Athens (pp. 192–198)
William Carey Poland

Some Sculptures from the Argive Heraeum (pp. 199–204)
Ch. Waldstein

Excavations at the Heraeum of Argos (pp. 205–225)
Carleton L. Brownson


Montefalco in Umbria (pp. 226–230)
William Mercer and Ed.

Letters from Greece (pp. 230–238)
F.B. Tarbell

Reviews and Notices of Books

Oriental Archaeology

History of Art in Phrygia, Lydia, Caria, and Lycia, by Georges Perrot and Charles Chipiez; History of Art in Persia, by Georges Perrot and Charles Chipiez (pp. 239–243)
Reviewed by Harold N. Fowler

De la Race et de la Langue des Hittites (pp. 243–244)
By Léon de Lantsheere
Reviewed by A.H. Sayce

Cairo: Sketches of Its History, Monuments, and Social Life (Virtue) (pp. 244–245)
By Stanley Lane-Poole
Reviewed by Percy Addleshaw

Die etruskischen Mumienbinden des Agramer National-Museums (pp. 245–246)
By J. Krall
Reviewed by A.H. Sayce

Classical Archaeology

Greek (pp. 246–247)
New Chapters in Greek History: Historical Results of Recent Excavations in Greece and Asia Minor, by Percy Gardner; Grèce, Vol. II: Grèce continentale et îles, by Guide Joanne
Reviewed by H.F. Tozer

Handbook of Greek Archæology (pp. 247–249)
By A.S. Murray
Reviewed by J. Hen. Middleton

Excursions in Greece to Recently Explored Sites of Classical Interest: Mycenae, Tiryns, Dodona, Delos, Athens, Olympia, Eleusis, Epidaurus, Tanagra. A Popular Account of the Results of Recent Excavations (pp. 249–250)
By Charles Diehl and Emma R. Perkins
Reviewed by Harold N. Fowler

Archaeological News (pp. 251–323)
A.L. Frothingham, Jr.