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July–September 1937 (41.3)

Archaeological Notes

A Newly Discovered Nabataean Temple of Atargatis and Hadad at Khirbet Et-Tannur, Transjordania (pp. 361–376)
Nelson Glueck

Herodotus I, 94: A Phocaean Version of an Etruscan Tale (pp. 377–382)
Louise Adams Holland

American Caves and Cave Dwellers (pp. 383–387)
George Grant MacCurdy

The Hermes Mosaic from Antioch (pp. 388–396)
Edgar C. Schenck

Boccaccio’s Archaeological Knowledge (pp. 397–405)
Cornelia C. Coulter

Nine Terra Sigillata Bowls from Egypt (pp. 406–410)
Howard Comfort

Mykenische Kultszenen (pp. 411–423)
Emil Herkenrath

The Marriage of Zeus and Hera and Its Symbol (pp. 424–435)
G.W. Elderkin

The Shield of Argos (pp. 436–440)
Irene Ringwood Arnold

Iron: Prehistoric and Ancient: An Answer to Mr. Richardson (pp. 441–446)
Am. Hertz

Iron: Prehistoric and Ancient: A Reply to Madame Hertz (pp. 447–451)
Harry Craig Richardson

A New Cleopatra Tetradrachm of Ascalon (pp. 452–463)
Agnes Baldwin Brett

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 464–494)
David M. Robinson, Elizabeth Pierce Blegen, and A.W. van Buren

Book Reviews

Prehistoric Rock Pictures in Europe and Africa. From Material in the Archives of the Research Institute for the Morphology of Civilization (Frankfort-on-Main) (p. 495)
By Leo Frobenius and Douglas C. Fox
Reviewed by George Grant MacCurdy

Scandinavian Archaeology (pp. 495–496)
By Haakon Shetelig, Hjalmar Falk, and E.V. Gordon
Reviewed by George Grant MacCurdy

Ur Excavations, Vol. III, Archaic Seal-Impressions (pp. 497–498)
By L. Legrain
Reviewed by W.F. Albright

The Excavations at Tall Chagar Bazar and an Archaeological Survey of the Habur Region 1934–5 (pp. 498–501)
By M.E.L. Mallowan
Reviewed by W.F. Albright

Excavations and Protosinaitic Inscriptions at Serabit el Khadem (pp. 501–502)
By Richard F.S. Starr and Romain F. Butin
Reviewed by W.F. Albright

Archaeological History of Iran (pp. 502–503)
By Ernst Herzfeld
Reviewed by Neilson C. Debevoise

By Cleanthes P. Georgiades
Reviewed by George E. Mylonas

Studies in Greek Religion (p. 504)
By Clara M. Smertenko and George N. Belknap
Reviewed by George M.A. Hanfmann

Die Skulpturen des Vatikanischen Museums III, 1 (pp. 504–508)
By Georg Lippold
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Papyri in the University of Michigan Collection. Miscellaneous Papyri by John Garrett Winter; Tax Rolls from Karanis. Part I, Text, by Herbert Chayyim Youtie, Verne Brinson Schuman, and Orsamus Merrill Pearl; Papyri Osloenses. Fasc. III, by S. Eitrem and Leiv Amundsen (pp. 508–512)
Reviewed by C. Bradford Welles

Opuscula Archaeologica, Vol. I, Fasc. 2 (pp. 512–513)
Reviewed by Lily Ross Taylor

The Topography of Punic Carthage (p. 513)
By H. Page Hurd
Reviewed by George M.A. Hanfmann

The Excavations at Dura-Europos. Preliminary Report of the Sixth Season of Work, October, 1932–March, 1933 (pp. 513–515)
By M.I. Rostovtzeff, A.R. Bellinger, C. Hopkins, and C.B. Welles
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Coins from Seleucia on the Tigris (pp. 515–517)
By Robert Harbold McDowell
Reviewed by E.T. Newell

Manuel de Numismatique Orientale de l’Antiquité et du Moyen Age, Vol. I (pp. 517–518)
By J. de Morgan and K.J. Basmadjian
Reviewed by E.T. Newell

Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum. Volume III, Nerva to Hadrian (pp. 518–519)
By Harold Mattingly
Reviewed by E.T. Newell

Cumaean Gates, a Reference of the Sixth Aeneid to Initiation Pattern (p. 519)
By W.F. Jackson Knight
Reviewed by Louise Adams Holland

Die römischen Heilthermen von Badenweiler (pp. 519–521)
By Hermann Mylius, E. Fabricius, and W. Schleiermacher
Reviewed by A.W. van Buren

Mission Archéologique en Chine (1914), I, l’Art Funéraire à l’Époque des Han (pp. 521–523)
By Victor Segalen, Gilbert de Voisins, and Jean Lartigue
Reviewed by Benjamin Rowland, Jr.

The Mosaics of St. Sophia at Istanbul. Preliminary Report on the First Year's Work, 1931–32: The Mosaics of the Narthex, 28 pp., 21 pls. Second Preliminary Report; Work Done in 1933 and 1934: The Mosaics of the Southern Vestibule, 57 pp., 20 pls (pp. 523–524)
By Thomas Whittemore
Reviewed by Ernst Diez

Viking Settlers in Greenland (p. 524)
By Poul Nörland
Reviewed by George Grant MacCurdy