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October–December 1930 (34.4)

Volume 34 (1930) Index (Open Access)

Excavations in the North Cemetery at Corinth in 1930 (pp. 403–431)
Theodore Leslie Shear

The Roman Market North of the Temple at Corinth (pp. 432–454)
Ferdinand Joseph de Waele

Jointed Dolls in Antiquity (pp. 455–479)
Kate McK Elderkin

Archaeological Discussions (pp. 480–510)
Edward H. Heffner, Campbell Bonner and E.P.B.

Book Reviews

The Negro in Greek and Roman Civilization: A Study of the Ethiopian Type (p. 511)
By Grace Hadley Beardsley
Reviewed by H.R.W. Smith

The Sculptures of the Nike Temple Parapet (pp. 511–512)
By Rhys Carpenter
Reviewed by Harold N. Fowler

Italy before the Romans (pp. 512–513)
By David Randall-MacIver
Reviewed by Casper J. Kraemer, Jr.

The Greek Tradition in Sculpture (pp. 513–514)
By Walter Raymond Agard and David M. Robinson
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Die Münzen Von Syrakus (pp. 514–515)
By Erich Boehringer
Reviewed by Agnes B. Brett

Les Faïences à Reflets Métalliques de la Grande Mosquée de Kairouan [Tunisia] (pp. 515–516)
By Georges Marcais
Reviewed by Kenneth Conant

Pendentifs, Trompes, et Stalactites dans lArchitecture orientale (p. 516)
By J. Rosintal
Reviewed by Kenneth Conant

La Miniature persane du XIIe au XVIIe siecle (pp. 516–518)
By Armenag Bey Sakisian
Reviewed by A.K. Coomaraswamy

Excavations at Nuzi, Conducted by the Semitic Museum and the Fogg Art Museum of Harvard University, with the Coöperation of the American School of Oriental Research at Bagdad. Volume I, Texts of Varied Contents (p. 518)
By Edward Chiera
Reviewed by Philip K. Hitti

Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome. Volume VII (pp. 519–520)
Reviewed by Walton Brooks McDaniel

Les Nouveaux Aspects de la Question de Troie (p. 520)
By Charles Vellay
Reviewed by John A. Scott

Zur Geschichte des Akroters (pp. 520–521)
By Camillo Praschniker
Reviewed by E. Douglas van Buren

Studien zur aeltesten griechischen Kunst (pp. 521–522)
By Alois Gotsmich
Reviewed by Edith Hall Dohan

Les cultes de Patras avec une prosopographie patréenne (p. 523)
By Jules Herbillon
Reviewed by Edith Hall Dohan

Geschichte der Russische Malerei im Mittelalter (p. 523)
By Phillip Schweinfurth
Reviewed by Agnes Rindge

Catalogue of the McClean Collection of Greek Coins. Vol. III (pp. 524–525)
By S.W. Grose
Reviewed by E.T. Newell

Papers of the British School at Rome. Vol. XI, 1929 (p. 525)
Reviewed by H.R.W. Smith

Rembrandt und der Holländische Barock (pp. 525–526)
By Frederick Schmidt-Degener
Reviewed by Oliver S. Tonks

Correction to A.J.A. XXXIV, P. 400 (p. 526)
Reviewed by David M. Robinson