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January 1885 (1.1)

Volume 1 (1885) Index

The First American Classical Archaeologist (pp. 3–9)
Charles Eliot Norton

The Panathenaic Festival and the Central Slab of the Parthenon Frieze (pp. 10–17)
Charles Waldstein

Inscribed Sepulchral Vases from Alexandria (pp. 18–33)
Augustus C. Merriam

The Revival of Sculpture in Europe in the Thirteenth Century (pp. 34–45)
Arthur L. Frothingham, Jr.

Ancient Crude-Brick Construction and Its Influence on the Doric Style (pp. 46–53)
Arthur Richmond Marsh


Arnolfo di Lapo and Jacopo Torriti at Rome (pp. 54–56)
A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Certificate of Decease of Antonio da San Gallo (p. 56)
B. Egius

Reviews and Notices of Books

The Empire of the Hittites (pp. 57–60)
By William Wright
Reviewed by Francis Brown

Manuel de Philologie Classique (pp. 60–63)
By Salomon Reinach
Reviewed by Charles Eliot Norton

Summaries of Periodicals and Proceedings of Societies (pp. 64–70)

News Department (pp. 71–103)
Thomas W. Ludlow