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July 1970 (74.3)


Chronologies in Old World Archaeology: Archaeological Seminar at Columbia University 1968–1969

The Computer and Archaeology (pp. 221–223)
Virginia Burton, Alice Bonin, Janice Lourie and Toby Spiselman

The Elamite Levels at Susa and Their Chronological Significance (pp. 223–225)
Roman Ghirshman

Late Minoan Chronology (pp. 226–228)
Mervyn R. Popham

Metallurgy in the Early Steppes (pp. 229–230)
Karl Jettmar

Egyptian Features at Phaistos (pp. 231–239)
J. Walter Graham

Bryn Mawr College Excavations in Tuscany, 1969 (pp. 241–244)
Kyle Meredith Phillips, Jr.

Excavations at Karataş-Semayük and Elmali, Lycia, 1969 (pp. 245–259)
Machteld J. Mellink and J. Lawrence Angel

News Letter from Greece (pp. 261–284)
Miriam Ervin

A Chart of Mycenaean and Late Minoan Pottery (pp. 285–288)
Sarantis Symeonoglou

Archaeological Notes

The “Classical” Bridge at Amphipolis (pp. 289–291)
George Bakalakis

A New Method for the Determination of the Number of Individuals in Animal Bone Material (pp. 291–292)
S. Bökönyi

Two Unusual Vases of the Etruscan Torcop Group: One with Head of Eita (Hades) (pp. 292–294)
Mario A. del Chiaro

The Homeric Corslet (pp. 294–296)
Cynthia King

An Aristogeiton from Baiae (pp. 296–297)
Gisela M.A. Richter

Book Reviews

Design for Scientific Conservation of Antiquities (pp. 298–299)
By Robert M. Organ
Reviewed by Kate C. Lefferts

Opus Nobile. Festschrift zum 60. Geburtstag von Ulf Jantzen (pp. 299–300)
By P. Zazoff
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Griechische und römische Kunst in den Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin, by E. Rohde; Führer durch die Antikenabteilung, by U. Gehrig, A. Greifenhagen, and N. Kunisch (pp. 300–302)
Reviewed by Herbert Hoffmann

Lost Atlantis: New Light on an Old Legend, by J.V. Luce; Voyage to Atlantis, by James W. Mavor (pp. 302–303)
Reviewed by Rhys Carpenter   

Greek Geometric Pottery: A Survey of Ten Local Styles and Their Chronology (pp. 303–305)
By J.N. Coldstream
Reviewed by J.L. Benson

Fouilles de Xanthus, III. Le monument des nereides. Larchitecture (pp. 305–306)
By Pierre Coupel and Pierre de Margne
Reviewed by Charles H. Morgan

Die Polykletnachfolge. Untersuchungen zur Kunst von Argos und Sikyon zwischen Polyklet und Lysipp (pp. 306–309)
By Dorothea Arnold
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

The Reconstruction of Two Apulian Tomb Groups (pp. 309–310)
By Andrew Oliver
Reviewed by Herbert Hoffmann

Römische Kunst (pp. 310–311)
By Helga von Heintze
Reviewed by Cornelius Vermeule

La Céramique arétine lisse: Fouilles de l’Ecole Française de Rome à Bolsena (pp. 311–312)
By Christian Goudineau
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Le pitture della Casa delle Muse (pp. 312–313)
By Bianca Maria Felletti Maj and Paolo Moreno
Reviewed by Blanche R. Brown

La grande mosaique de chasse du triclinos (pp. 313–314)
By Janine Balty
Reviewed by Victorine von Gonzenbach

Coinage and Money in the Byzantine Empire, 1081–1261 (p. 314)
By Michael Hendy
Reviewed by James D. Breckenridge

Pre-Columbian Jade from Costa Rica (pp. 314–315)
By Elizabeth Kennedy Easby
Reviewed by Matthew W. Stirling                                   

Studies in Classic Maya Iconography (pp. 315–316)
By George Kubler
Reviewed by Tatiana Proskouriakoff