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Print Museum Reviews

The Reinstallation of the Getty Villa: Plenty of Beauty but Only Partial Truth
(pp. 321–332)
Open Access
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
Elizabeth Marlowe

The Petra Museum: A New Approach to Archaeological Heritage in Jordan
(pp. 333–342)
Open Access
Includes Open Access Supplementary Content
John D.M. Green

Book Reviews

Archaeology of the Night: Life After Dark in the Ancient World
Open Access
Edited by Nancy Gonlin and April Nowell
Reviewed by Thomas E. Emerson

Globalization in Prehistory: Contact, Exchange, and the “People Without History”
Open Access
edited by Nicole Boivin and Michael D. Frachetti
Reviewed by Oystein S. LaBianca

The Archaeology of Imperial Landscapes: A Comparative Study of Empires in the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean World
Open Access
edited by Bleda S. Düring and Tesse D. Stek
Reviewed by Cynthia Kosso

Water and Power in Past Societies
Open Access
Edited by Emily Holt
Reviewed by Mark A. Locicero

Maritime Networks in the Ancient Mediterranean World
Open Access
Edited by Justin Leidwanger and Carl Knappett
Reviewed by Lana Radloff

Mortuary and Bioarchaeological Perspectives on Bronze Age Arabia
Open Access
Edited by Kimberly D. Williams and Lesley A. Gregoricka
Reviewed by Robert James Stark

Art and Immortality in the Ancient Near East
Open Access
By Mehmet-Ali Ataç
Reviewed by Liat Naeh

Boeotia Project. Vol. 2, The City of Thespiai. Survey at a Complex Urban Site
Open Access
Edited by John Bintliff, Emeri Farinetti, Božidar Slapšak, and Anthony Snodgrass
Reviewed by Dan Stewart

The Regional Production of Red-Figure Pottery: Greece, Magna Graecia and Etruria
Open Access
Edited by Stine Schierup and Victoria Sabetai
Reviewed by Dimitris Paleothodoros

Gender, Identity and the Body in Greek and Roman Sculpture
Open Access
By R.J. Barrow
Reviewed by Margaret L. Woodhull

Archaeology, Ideology, and Urbanism in Rome from the Grand Tour to Berlusconi
Open Access
By Stephen L. Dyson
Reviewed by Massimiliano Munzi

Decorating Floors: The Tesserae-in-Mortar Technique in the Ancient World
Open Access
By Birgit Tang
Reviewed by Hallie M. Franks

Open Access
By Jennifer A. Baird
Reviewed by Anna H. Walas

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