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October–December 1944 (49.4)

Volume 49 (1945) Index (Open Access)

Archaeological Notes

Original Hellenistic Paintings in a Thracian Tomb (Excerpted from the Italian by Rhys Carpenter) (pp. 402–415)
Carlo Verdiani

Archaeology in Greece Today (pp. 416–419)
Oscar Broneer

News from Conquered Countries (pp. 420–421)

Alexander the Great and Parmenio (pp. 422–424)
C.A. Robinson, Jr.

A Late Roman Portrait Head of Alexander the Great in Boston (pp. 425–429)
Margarete Bieber

The Girl beneath the Apple Tree (pp. 430–433)
Karl Lehmann

The Priestess of Pandrosos (pp. 434–435)
Antony E. Raubitschek

An Unusual Black-Figured Cup (pp. 436–440)
Eugene Vanderpool

Eros and the Wounded Lion (pp. 441–444)
Campbell Bonner

Gandhara and Early Christian Art: Buddha Palliatus (pp. 445–448)
Benjamin Rowland, Jr.

Fragment of a Consular Diptych (pp. 449–451)
Marvin Chauncey Ross

The Alphabet in Italy (pp. 452–464)
Rhys Carpenter

From Farthest West (pp. 465–479)
H.R.W. Smith

A New Attic Onos or Epinetron (pp. 480–490)
David M. Robinson

The Late Vases of Hermonax (pp. 491–502)
Franklin P. Johnson

Bonn or Colmar Painter (?) (pp. 503–507)
Dorothy Kent Hill

A New Pelike by the Geras Painter (pp. 508–518)
D.A. Amyx

Procession Personified (pp. 519–525)
Otto Brendel

Note on a Festival Jug (pp. 526–527)
Lucy Talcott

A Prize for Wool-Working (pp. 528–533)
Marjorie J. Milne

Three Mycenaean Vases from Cyprus in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (pp. 534–556)
Sara Anderson Immerwahr

A Signet-Ring in the City Art Museum of St. Louis (pp. 557–569)
George E. Mylonas

Horsemen from Sardis (pp. 570–581)
George M.A. Hanfmann

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 582–599)
Stephen B. Luce, Richard Stillwell, and David M. Robinson

Book Reviews

Mémoires de la Mission Archéologique en Iran. Tome XXIX. Mission de Susiane. Archéologie Susienne (pp. 600–601)
By R. de Mecquenem, G. Conteneau, R. Pfister, and N. Belaiew
Reviewed by Donald McCown

The Tombs and Moon Temple of Hureidha (pp. 601–603)
By G. Caton Thompson
Reviewed by L. Legrain

Patterned Textiles in Pharaonic Egypt (p. 603)
By Elizabeth Riefstahl
Reviewed by Herwin Schaefer

Fouilles Exécutées à Mallià. Troisième rapport. Exploration du Palais. Bordures orientale et septentrionale (1927, 1928, 1931, 1932) (pp. 603–605)
By Fernand Chapouthier and Pierre Demargne
Reviewed by Saul S. Weinberg

A Contribution to the Problem of the Minoan Script (pp. 605–606)
By Const. Dem. Ktistopoulos
Reviewed by Alice E. Kober

Chronologie Delphique (pp. 606–610)
By Georges Daux
Reviewed by William B. Dinsmoor

Die Aetolischen Soterien und die Attische Archontenforschung (pp. 610–614)
By Walther Kolbe
Reviewed by William B. Dinsmoor

The Five Attic Tribes after Kleisthenes (pp. 614–616)
By W. Kendrick Pritchett
Reviewed by William B. Dinsmoor

Tarente, des origines à la conquête romaine (pp. 616–618)
By Pierre Wuilleumier
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Polybe et L’Historie de Bèotie au IIIe Siècle avant notre Ère (pp. 618–619)
By Michel Feyel
Reviewed by David M. Robinson

Contribution à L’Épigraphie Béotienne (pp. 619–620)
By Michel Feyel
Reviewed by David M. Robinson

La Colonisation Grecque de L’Italie Méridionale et de la Sicile dans L’Antiquité: L’Histoire et la Légende (pp. 621–622)
By Jean Bérard
Reviewed by David M. Robinson

La Question d’Orient dans L’Antiquité (p. 622)
By Pierre Waltz
Reviewed by David M. Robinson

Mythes Inconnus de la Grèce Antique (pp. 622–623)
By George Méautis
Reviewed by David M. Robinson

La Civilisation de la Grèce Antique (pp. 623–624)
By Maurice Croiset
Reviewed by David M. Robinson

Mémoires de la Délégation Archéologique Française en Afghanistan. Tome I. La Vieille Route d’Inde de Bactres à Taxila (pp. 624–626)
By A. Foucher
Reviewed by Valentine Müller

Textiles de Palmyre, Découverts par le Service des Antiquités du Haut-Commissariat de la République Française dans le Nécropole de Palmyre, Vol. III (pp. 626–627)
By R. Pfister
Reviewed by Herwin Schaefer

L’Année Épigraphique: Année 1940, by Alf. Merlin and Jean Gagé; L’Année Épigraphique: Année 1941, by Alf. Merlin; L’Année Épigraphique: Années 1942–1943, by Alf. Merlin (pp. 627–629)
Reviewed by Herbert Bloch

Le Christ (pp. 629–630)
By Charles Guignebert
Reviewed by C.C. McCown

L’Architecture Normande (pp. 630–631)
By Marcel Anfray
Reviewed by E. Baldwin Smith

Le Quartier des Manganes et la Première Région de Constantinople (pp. 631–634)
By R. Demangel and E. Mamboury
Reviewed by Emerson H. Swift

Archaeological Investigations in El Salvador (pp. 634–635)
By John M. Longyear
Reviewed by Mary Butler