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April 1953 (57.2)


The Palace of Nestor Excavations at Pylos, 1952 (pp. 59–64)
Carl W. Blegen

Ernst H. Kantorowicz

Marble in Attic Epigraphy (pp. 71–83)
Norman Herz and W. Kendrick Pritchett

Studies in Greek Mythology and Vase-Painting (pp. 85–94)
Christoph Clairmont

The Date of the Temple of Poseidon at Paestum (pp. 95–101)
Carla Gottlieb


Fifty-Fourth General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (1952) (pp. 104–112)


Sir Arthur Wallace Pickard-Cambridge (pp. 113–114)
Margarete Bieber

Rollin Harvelle Tanner (p. 114)
Louis E. Lord

Book Reviews

Olduvai Gorge: A Report on the Evolution of the Hand-Axe Culture in Beds I–IV (p. 115)
By L.S.B. Leakey
Reviewed by Hallam L. Movius, Jr.

The Prehistoric Chamber Tombs of England and Wales (pp. 115–116)
By Glyn E. Daniel
Reviewed by Hugh Hencken

The Prehistory of Japan (pp. 116–117)
By Gerard J. Groot and Bertram S. Kraus
Reviewed by Hiroshi Daifuku

Kharga Oasis in Prehistory (pp. 117–119)
By G. Caton-Thompson
Reviewed by William C. Hayes

Catalogue des Sarcophages et Cercueils Égyptiens (p. 119)
By Otto Koefoed-Petersen
Reviewed by William C. Hayes

The Old Egyptian Medical Papyri (pp. 119–121)
By Chauncey D. Leake
Reviewed by Nora Scott

Egyptian Art in the Brooklyn Museum Collection (p. 121)
By John D. Cooney
Reviewed by Nora Scott

Pottery from the Diyala Region (pp. 121–123)
By Pinhas Delougaz
Reviewed by William Kelly Simpson

Excavations at Tepe Gawra: Vol. II: Levels IX–XX (pp. 123–125)
By Arthur J. Tobler
Reviewed by William Kelly Simpson

Ur Excavation Texts III. Business Documents of the Third Dynasty of Ur (pp. 125–128)
By Léon Legrain
Reviewed by Thorkild Jacobsen

Altsyrien. Kunst und Handwerk in Cypern, Syrien, Palästina, Transjordanien und Arabien von den Aufängen bis zum völligen Aufgehen in der griechisch-römischen Kultur (pp. 128–130)
By Helmut Th. Bossert
Reviewed by Charles K. Wilkinson

Gerico e Dintorni (p. 130)
By P. Agostino Augustinović
Reviewed by Raymond V. Schoder

Swedish Archaeological Bibliography, 1939–1948 (pp. 130–131)
By Sverker Janson and Olof Vessberg
Reviewed by Erik Sjöqvist

Festschrift Andreas Rumpf (pp. 131–134)
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Greek and Roman Antiquities. A Guide to the Classical Collection (p. 134)
By George H. Chase
Reviewed by Christine Alexander

Horoi. Studies in Mortgage, Real Security, and Land Tenure in Ancient Athens (pp. 134–136)
By John V.A. Fine
Reviewed by R.J. Hopper

Dedications from the Athenian Akropolis; A Catalogue of the Inscriptions of the Sixth and Fifth Centuries B.C. (pp. 136–138)
By Antony E. Raubitschek
Reviewed by Günther Klaffenbach

Das Parisurteil in der antiken Kunst (pp. 138–140)
By Christoph Clairmont
Reviewed by Dietrich von Bothmer

Thessalische Mythologie (p. 140)
By Paula Philippson
Reviewed by Ludwig Edelstein

Cults, Myths, Oracles, and Politics in Ancient Greece, with Two Appendices: The Ionian Phylae, the Phratries (pp. 140–143)
By Martin P. Nilsson
Reviewed by Marjorie J. Milne

The Development of Attic Black-Figure (pp. 143–144)
By J.D. Beazley
Reviewed by Barbara Philippaki

Il Ritratto di Pitagora. Nota ad un ritratto fisionomico Greco del V secolo (pp. 144–145)
By Sandro Stucchi
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Die Kunst von Pergamon (pp. 145–146)
By Arnold Schober
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

The Origins and History of the Proconsular and the Propraetorian Imperium to 27 B.C. (pp. 146–148)
By Wilhelmina Feemster Jashemski
Reviewed by Lily Ross Taylor

The Magistrates of the Roman Republic (pp. 148–149)
By T. Robert S. Broughton
Reviewed by F.W. Adams

Roman Civilization: Selected Readings (pp. 149–150)
By Naphtali Lewis and Meyer Reinhold
Reviewed by Arthur E. Gordon                                                          

Arte e gusto negli scrittori latini (pp. 150–151)
By Giovanni Becatti
Reviewed by Arthur E. Gordon

The Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania (pp. 151–152)
By J.M. Reynolds and J.B. Ward Perkins
Reviewed by Arthur E. Gordon

Stadt und Imperium. Köln in römischer Zeit. 1. Die Anfänge der Stadt Köln und die Ubier (pp. 152–153)
By Hermann Schmitz
Reviewed by T. Robert S. Broughton

Figürlich geschliffene Gläser—Eine Kölner Werkstatt des 3. Jahrhunderts (pp. 153–154)
By Fritz Fremersdorf
Reviewed by Ray Winfield Smith

Untersuchungen an den Caracallathermen (pp. 154–155)
By Erika Brödner
Reviewed by Erik Sjöqvist

L’Autel monumental de Baalbek (pp. 155–156)
By Paul Collart and Pierre Coupel
Reviewed by C. Bradford Welles

Lagore Crannog. An Irish Royal Residence of the Seventh to Tenth Centuries A.D. (pp. 156–157)
By Hugh Hencken
Reviewed by William H. Forsyth                                                    

English Medieval Sculpture (pp. 157–158)
By Arthur Gardner
Reviewed by Harry Bober

La Basilica di S. Lorenzo Maggiore in Milano (pp. 158–159)
By A. Calderini, G. Chierici, and C. Cecchelli
Reviewed by Emerson H. Swift

Excavations at Nebaj, Guatemala (pp. 159–160)
By A. Ledyard Smith and Alfred V. Kidder
Reviewed by Stephen F. de Borhegyi

The Archaeology of the Santa Elena Peninsula in South-West Ecuador (pp. 160–162)
By G.H.S. Bushnell
Reviewed by John M. Corbett