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July 1981 (85.3)


Iron at Taanach and Early Iron Metallurgy in the Eastern Mediterranean (pp. 245–268)
T. Stech-Wheeler, J.D. Muhly, K.R. Maxwell-Hyslop and R. Maddin

Proportions of Korai (pp. 269–280)
Eleanor Guralnick

Motifs of the City-Siege on the Shield of Athena Parthenos (pp. 281–317)
Evelyn B. Harrison

Archaeological Notes

Enameling in Ancient Egypt? (p. 319)
Emily Teeter

Nichoria in Context: A Major Town in the Pylos Kingdom (pp. 319–325)
Cynthia W. Shelmerdine

An Unreported Ancient Tower on Mount Pateras (pp. 325–327)
S. van de Maele

Sellasia Revisited (pp. 328–330)
J.D. Morgan

Again the So-Called Tomb of Philip II (pp. 330–334)
E.A. Fredricksmeyer

Diadem and Barrel-Vault: A Note (pp. 334–335)
William Musgrave Calder, III

The Meetings of the Roman Senate on the Palatine (pp. 335–339)
David L. Thompson

Book Reviews

Archaeological Chemistry II by Giles F. Carter; Archaeological Chemistry (pp. 341–342)
By Zvi Goffer
Reviewed by Tamara Stech

The Prehistory of the Mediterranean (pp. 342–343)
By D.H. Trump
Reviewed by Curtis N. Runnels

Corpus der Minoischen und Mykenischen Siegel. X. die Schweizer Sammlungen (pp. 343–344)
By John H. Betts
Reviewed by Jeffrey M. Hurwit

The Late Minoan III Period in Crete. A Survey of Sites, Pottery and Their Distribution (pp. 344–345)
By A. Kanta
Reviewed by John C. McEnroe

Die Tempel von Dreros und Prinias a und die Chronologie der kretischen Kunst des 8. und 7. jhs. v. chr. (pp. 345–346)
By Immo Beyer
Reviewed by J.N. Coldstream

Probleme des griechischen Weihreliefs (pp. 346–347)
By Gerhard Neumann
Reviewed by Charles M. Edwards

The Propylaia to the Athenian Akropolis, Vol. I. The Predecessors (pp. 347–349)
By William B. Dinsmoor
Reviewed by James C. Wright

Greek Aims in Fortification (pp. 349–350)
by Arnold Walter Lawrence
Reviewed by Thomas D. Boyd

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, New Zealand 1 (pp. 350–352)
By J.R. Green
Reviewed by Mary B. Moore

Trademarks on Greek Vases (pp. 352–355)
By A.W. Johnston
Reviewed by Dietrich von Bothmer

Coins of the Ancient Celts (pp. 355–356)
By Derek Allen and Daphne Nash
Reviewed by Alan Walker

Scavi di Luni II: Relazione delle Campagne di Scavo 1972–1973–1974 (p. 356)
By Antonio Frova
Reviewed by R.T. Scott

Le sanctuaire métroaque de Vienne (France) (pp. 356–357)
By André Pelletier
Reviewed by Diana E.E. Kleiner and Fred S. Kleiner

Les Villas Hispano-Romaines. Inventaire et problématique archéologiques (pp. 357–358)
By Jean-Gérard Gorges
Reviewed by John Ward-Perkins

Römische und frühbyzantinische Porträtplastik aus der Türkei: Neue Funde, I, II (pp. 359–360)
By Jale Inan and Elisabeth Alföldi-Rosenbaum
Reviewed by Elaine K. Gazda

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 360–363)