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October–December 1944 (48.4)

Volume 48 (1944) Index (Open Access)

Polychromy in Greek Sculpture with Special Reference to the Archaic Attic Gravestones in the Metropolitan Museum (pp. 321–333)
Gisela M.A. Richter

Notes on the Colors Preserved on the Archaic Attic Gravestones in the Metropolitan Museum (pp. 334–336)
Lindsley F. Hall

Aqua Traiana (pp. 337–341)
Herbert Bloch

Development of the “Megaron” in Prehistoric Greece (pp. 342–348)
Valentin Müller

A Roman and a Chinese Bronze (pp. 349–350)
Paul Jacobsthal

Errata (pp. 350–351)

Symbols of the Augurate on Coins of the Caecilii Metelli (pp. 352–356)
Lily Ross Taylor

A Paestan Vase (pp. 357–366)
J.D. Beazley

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 367–396)
Stephen B. Luce

Erratum (p. 396)

Book Reviews

Classical Studies in Honor of William Abbott Oldfather (pp. 397–398)
Reviewed by David M. Robinson

Pindari Epinicia (pp. 398–399)
By Alexander Turyn
Reviewed by Richmond Lattimore

The Law of Greco-Roman Egypt in the Light of the Papyri, 332 B.C.–640 A.D. (pp. 399–400)
By Raphael Taubenschlag
Reviewed by C. Bradford Welles

A Mysterious Latin Inscription in California (p. 401)
By A.E. Gordon
Reviewed by Richmond Lattimore

A Handlist of Illuminated Oriental Christian Manuscripts (pp. 401–405)
By Hugo Buchthal and Otto Kurz
Reviewed by Kurt Weitzmann

Old Oraibi, A Study of the Hopi Indians of Third Mesa (pp. 405–406)
By Mischa Titiev
Reviewed by Frank H.H. Roberts, Jr.

Archaeology of Northwestern Venezuela (pp. 406–407)
By Alfred Kidder
Reviewed by George C. Vaillant

Excavations at Tajumulco, Guatemala (pp. 407–408)
By Bertha P. Dutton and Hulda R. Hobbs
Reviewed by Gordon F. Ekholm