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January 1956 (60.1)


Unpublished Greek Vases in the Robinson Collection (pp. 1–25)
David M. Robinson

A Roman Sourcebook for the Stage (pp. 27–33)
A.M.G. Little

Other Geometric Objects in Baltimore (pp. 35–42)
Dorothy Kent Hill

A Tomb of the Early Classical Period at Bamboula (pp. 43–50)
J.L. Benson

Ancient Towers on the Island of Siphnos (pp. 51–55)
John H. Young

A Philosophic Allegory? (pp. 57–61)
Franklin P. Johnson


Charles Rufus Morey (pp. 63–64)

Book Reviews

A History of Egyptian Architecture, Vol. I (pp. 65–67)
By Alexander Badawy
Reviewed by E. Baldwin Smith

Shaheinab: An Account of the Excavation of a Neolithic Occupation Site Carried Out for the Sudan Antiquities Service in 1949–1950 (pp. 67–68)
By A.J. Arkell
Reviewed by William Kelly Simpson

A Papyrus of the Late Middle Kingdom in the Brooklyn Museum (pp. 68–70)
By William C. Hayes
Reviewed by John A. Wilson

The Temple of Hibis in el Khargeh Oasis. Part III. The Decoration (p. 70)
By Norman de Garis Davies, Ludlow Bull, and Lindsley F. Hall
Reviewed by John A. Wilson

Stratified Cylinder Seals from the Diyala Region (pp. 70–72)
By H. Frankfort
Reviewed by Briggs W. Buchanan

Four Tomb Groups from Jordan (pp. 72–73)
By G. Lankester Harding
Reviewed by Karl Katz

Kerameikos. Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen (pp. 73–74)
By Karl Kübler
Reviewed by Eva Brann

The Great Centuries of Painting, by Albert Skira; Etruscan Painting, by Massimo Pallottino; Roman Painting, by Amedeo Maiuri (pp. 74–78)
Reviewed by A. Rumpf               

Early Rome (pp. 78–79)
By Einar Gjerstad
Reviewed by Louise Adams Holland

Beiträge zur Topographie des Forum-Boarium-Gebietes in Rom (pp. 79–80)
By Helge Lyngby
Reviewed by Louise Adams Holland

Une Mosaïque Romaine de Ulpia Oescus (pp. 80–81)
By Teofil Ivanov
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Beiträge zur älteren europäischen Kulturgeschichte, Festschrift für Rudolf Egger (p. 82)
By G. Moro
Reviewed by Howard Comport

Elfenbeinarbeiten der Spätantike und des Frühen Mittelalters (pp. 82–88)
By Wolfgang Fritz Volbach
Reviewed by Edward Capps, Jr.

Early Christian Ivories (pp. 88–89)
By Joseph Natanson
Reviewed by Edward Capps, Jr.

Late Classical and Mediaeval Studies in Honor of Albert Mathias Friend, Jr. (pp. 89–91)
By Kurt Weitzmann
Reviewed by Lilian M. C. Randall

Ἡ ξυλόστεγος παλαιοχριστιανικὴ βασιλικὴ τη̑ς μεσογειακη̑ς λεκάνης (pp. 91–93)
By Ἀναστασίον K. Ὀρλάνδου
Reviewed by G. Downey


Errata: Vol. 59, No. 4 (p. 94)