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January–March 1936 (40.1)

Archaeological Notes

The Third Season of Excavation at Antioch-on-the-Orontes (pp. 1–10)
William Alexander Campbell

A Newly Acquired Relief in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (pp. 11–20)
Gisela M.A. Richter

Excavations at Corinth, 1934–1935 (pp. 21–45)
Richard Stillwell

The Kardaki Temple (pp. 46–54)
Franklin P. Johnson

Additional Note on the Temple at Kardaki (pp. 55–56)
William Bell Dinsmoor

New Kinds of Evidence for Dating Polyeuktos (pp. 57–70)
Sterling Dow

The Date of Tacitus’ Proconsulship (pp. 71–72)
A.I. Suskin

Ein Reliefbildnis des Horaz? (pp. 73–91)
Heinrich Fuhrmann

The Seated Deities of the Parthenon Frieze (pp. 92–99)
G.W. Elderkin

The Kleophrades Painter (pp. 100–115)
Gisela M.A. Richter

Thirty-Seventh General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 116–129)

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 130–153)
David M. Robinson and Elizabeth Pierce Blegen

Archaeological Exploration and Excavation in Palestine and Syria, 1935 (pp. 154–167)
W.F. Albright

Book Reviews

Archaeologia Hungarica: Acta Archaeologica Musei Nationalis Hungarici, XVII (p. 168)
By Jenö Hillebrand
Reviewed by Clarence A. Manning

Het Onstaan der Pyramida en over de Pyramide von Cheops (p. 168)
By Th. A. Busink
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Tell el-Amarna (p. 168)
By J.D.S. Pendlebury
Reviewed by T. George Allen

The Bucheum (pp. 168–170)
By Robert Mond and Oliver H. Myers
Reviewed by T. George Allen

La civilisation des Hittites et des Mitaniens (p. 170)
By G. Contenau
Reviewed by E.A. Speiser

Die Jüngeren Ischtar-Tempel in Assur. Ausgrabungen der deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft in Assur, Series A, Vol. V (pp. 170–171)
By Walter Andrae
Reviewed by E.A. Speiser

Semitic and Hamitic Origins, Social and Religious (p. 172)
By George Aaron Barton
Reviewed by I.T. Gelb

The Prehistory of the Alphabet (pp. 172–173)
By John Strong Newberry
Reviewed by E.A. Speiser

Babylonian Menologies and the Semitic Calendars. The Schweich Lectures of the British Academy, 1933 (p. 173)
By S. Langdon
Reviewed by E.A. Speiser

The Swedish Cyprus Expedition: Finds and Results of the Excavations in Cyprus 1927–1931. Vol. I Text (pp. 173–174)
By Einar Gjerstad, John Lindros, Erik Sjöqvist, and Alfred Westholm
Reviewed by Carl Blegen

Imagines Inscriptionum Atticarum: Ein Bilderatlas Epigraphischer Denkmäler Attikas (pp. 174–176)
By Johannes Kirchner
Reviewed by Sterling Dow

An Approach to Greek Sculpture (p. 176)
By A.J.B. Wace
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Die Inneren Propyläen von Eleusis (pp. 176–178)
By Hans Hörmann
Reviewed by Richard Stillwell

Archaeologia Hungarica: Acta Archaeologica Musei Nationalis Hungarici, XV (pp. 178–179)
By Nándor Fettich
Reviewed by Clarence A. Manning

Hällristningarnas Skeppsbider, försök till analys och tidsbestämningar (pp. 179–180)
By p. Dahlgren
Reviewed by Oscar Broneer

Roman Mines in Europe (p. 180)
By Oliver Davis
Reviewed by Harry Craig Richardson

Carnuntum 1885–1935 (p. 180)
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Studies on Jewry in Greece, I (pp. 180–181)
By Belle D. Mazur
Reviewed by Joshua Starr

Study of the Ancient Tiles of the Silla Dynasty, Korea; With a Corpus of Ancient Tiles of the Silla Dynasty. Volume XIII of the Reports upon Archaeological Research in the Department of Literature, Kyoto Imperial University, 1934 (p. 181)
By Kosaku Hamada and Suyeji Umehara
Reviewed by Dorothy Blair

A Manual for History Museums (pp. 181–182)
By Arthur C. Parker
Reviewed by George Grant MacCurdy

L’Alsace romaine (p. 182)
By Robert Forrer
Reviewed by Howard Comfort