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October 1989 (93.4)

Volume Index

Volume 93 (1989) Index (Open Access)


Change in Early Helladic II (pp. 495–509)
Martha Heath Wiencke

A Tale of Two Cities: The Miniature Frescoes from Thera and the Origins of Greek Poetry (pp. 511–535)
Sarah P. Morris

Ocher Containers and Trade in the Central Mediterranean Copper Age (pp. 537–541)
Laura Maniscalco

Nudity as a Costume in Classical Art (pp. 543–570)
Larissa Bonfante

Apollo Palatinus: The Augustan Apollo on the Sorrento Base (pp. 571–588)
Linda Jones Roccos

The Gods of the Months in Ancient Art (pp. 589–595)
Charlotte R. Long


Nancy Mann Waggoner, 1924–1989 (pp. 597–598)
William E. Metcalf

Book Reviews

Air Photography and Archaeology (p. 599)
By D.N. Riley
Reviewed by J. Wilson Myers

The Collapse of Complex Societies (pp. 599–601)
By Joseph A. Tainter
Reviewed by P. Nick Kardulias

The Human Uses of Flint and Chert (pp. 601–602)
By G. de G. Sieveking and Mark H. Newcomer
Reviewed by Pamela R. Willoughby

Die Granulation. Geschichte und Technik einer alten Goldschmiedekunst by Jochem Wolters; Les ors préhistoriques (pp. 602–605)
By Christiane Éluère
Reviewed by J.D. Muhly

Le mobilier en pierre de Bouqras: Utilization de la pierre dans un site néolithique sur le Moyen Euphrate (Syrie) (pp. 605–606)
By J.J. Roodenberg
Reviewed by Douglas V. Campana

The Palaeoeconomy of the Central Balkans (Serbia): A Zooarchaeological Perspective on the Late Neolithic and Bronze Age (Ca. 4500–1000 B.C.) (pp. 606–607)
Reviewed by Paul Halstead

De l’Indus aux Balkans: Recueil à la mémoire de Jean Deshayes (pp. 607–608)
By J.-L. Huot, M. Yon, and Y. Calvet
Reviewed by Karen Polinger Foster

Enkomi et le Bronze Récent à Chypre (pp. 608–609)
By Jacques-Claude Courtois, Jacques Lagarce, and Elisabeth Lagarce
Reviewed by Elizabeth Goring

Egypt, Israel, Sinai: Archaeological and Historical Relationships in the Biblical Period (pp. 609–610)
By Anson F. Rainey
Reviewed by James M. Weinstein

Through Ancient Eyes: Egyptian Portraiture. An Exhibition Organized for the Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, Alabama, April 21–July 31, 1988 (p. 610)
By Donald Spanel
Reviewed by Robert Steven Bianchi

Excavations in Jerusalem 1961–1967; Vol. I (pp. 610–612)
By A.D. Tushingham
Reviewed by William G. Dever

Mesopotamian Religious Architecture: Alexander through the Parthians (p. 612)
By Susan B. Downey
Reviewed by Jonathan M. Bloom

Greek Vase Painting (pp. 612–613)
By Dietrich von Bothmer
Reviewed by John H. Oakley

The Olympia Master and His Collaborators (pp. 613–614)
By José Dörig
Reviewed by R. Ross Holloway

Antefixa Satricana. Sixth-Century Architectural Terracottas from the Sanctuary of Mater Matuta at Satricum (Le Ferriere) (pp. 614–615)
By Riemer R. Knoop
Reviewed by Birgitte Ginge

Malerei der Etrusker in Zeichnungen des 19. Jahrhunderts (pp. 615–616)
By Horst Blanck and Cornelia Weber-Lehmann
Reviewed by Richard Daniel de Puma

Il Museo Civico di Viterbo. Storia delle raccolte archeologiche (pp. 615–616)
By Adriana Emiliozzi
Reviewed by Richard Daniel de Puma

Il Foro Romano 2. Periodo repubblicano e augusteo; Il Foro Boario dalle origini alla fine della repubblica (pp. 616–618)
By Filippo Coarelli
Reviewed by Fred S. Kleiner

Iuppiter, Diomedes und Merkur als Vorbilder für römische Bildnisstatuen. Untersuchungen zum römischen statuarischen Idealporträt (pp. 618–619)
By Caterina Maderna
Reviewed by Cornelius C. Vermeule, III

Belo III: Le Macellum (pp. 619–621)
By F. Didierjean, C. Ney, and J.-L. Paillet
Reviewed by William E. Mierse

Die römischen Skulpturen von Tarraco (pp. 621–622)
By Eva Maria Koppel
Reviewed by William E. Mierse

Roman Architecture in the Greek World (pp. 622–623)
By Sarah Macready and F.H. Thompson
Reviewed by Barbara Tsakirgis

Aphrodisias de Carie: Colloque du Centre de recherches archéologiques de l'Université de Lille III (13 novembre 1985) (p. 623)
By Juliette de la Genière and Kenan Erim
Reviewed by Nancy H. Ramage

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates at Kourion, Cyprus (pp. 623–624)
By David Soren
Reviewed by Mary B. Hollinshead

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 624–628)