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October 1962 (66.4)

Volume Index

Volume 66 (1962) Index (Open Access)


The Purported Decree of Themistokles: Stele and Inscription (pp. 353–368)
Sterling Dow and Michael H. Jameson

The Early Period and the Golden Age of Ionia (pp. 369–379)
Ekrem Akurgal

Greek and Latin Inscriptions at Bowdoin (pp. 381–387)
Kevin Herbert

News Letter from Greece (pp. 389–391)
Eugene Vanderpool

News Letter from Rome (pp. 393–401)
A.W. van Buren

Archaeological Notes

Some Portraits of Julianus Apostata (pp. 403–405)
Andrew Alföldi

The Nessos Amphora—A Note on the Inscription (pp. 405–406)
Alan L. Boegehold

Three Late Mycenaean Knives (pp. 406–408)
George E. Mylonas

Iron Age Greece and Central Europe (pp. 408–410)
A.M. Snodgrass


John Day (p. 411)
C. Bradford Welles

James Rivers Barrington Stewart (pp. 411–412)
Alexander Cambitoglou

Book Reviews

The Egyptian Coffin Texts VII. Texts of Spells 787–1185 (p. 413)
By Adriaan de Buck
Reviewed by Hans Goedicke

Montouemhat. Quatrième Prophète D'Amon, Prince de la Ville (pp. 413–414)
By Jean Leclant
Reviewed by William Stevenson Smith

Arkheologija Ukraïni (pp. 414–415)
By Yaroslav Pasternak
Reviewed by Marija Gimbutas

The Cretan Collection in Oxford. The Dictaean Cave and Iron Age Crete (pp. 415–416)
By John Boardman
Reviewed by Charlotte Rider Long

Cretan Seals (pp. 416–417)
By V.E.G. Kenna
Reviewed by J.L. Benson

Mycenaeans and Minoans. Aegean Prehistory in the Light of the Linear B Tablets (pp. 417–418)
By Leonard R. Palmer
Reviewed by Emmett L. Bennett, Jr.

Greek Sculpture (pp. 418–419)
By Pierre Devambez and Barbara M. Bell
Reviewed by John E. Rexine

The Archaic Gravestones of Attica (pp. 419–422)
By Gisela M.A. Richter
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Greek Portraits II. To What Extent Were They Faithful Likenesses?; Greek Portraits III. How Were Likenesses Transmitted in Ancient Times? (pp. 422–423)
By Gisela M.A. Richter
Reviewed by Michael Milkovich

Attic Geometric Workshops (pp. 423–424)
By Jean M. Davison
Reviewed by Evelyn Lord Smithson

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (pp. 424–425)
By Reinhard Lullies
Reviewed by J.K. Anderson

Vasi dello stile di Gnathia, vasi a vernice nera (p. 425)
By Mario Bernardini
Reviewed by Doris Taylor

Spina. Guida al Museo Archeologico in Ferrara (pp. 425–426)
By N. Alfieri and P.E. Arias
Reviewed by Herbert Hoffmann

Étude de chronologie et d’historiographie Siciliotes (pp. 426–427)
By René van Compernolle
Reviewed by R. Ross Holloway

Early Rome III (pp. 427–430)
By Einar Gjerstad
Reviewed by Inez Scott Ryberg

The Athenian Agora, Vol. VII, Lamps of the Roman Period, First to Seventh Century after Christ (pp. 430–431)
By Judith Perlzweig
Reviewed by Oscar Broneer

The Art of Roman Gaul (p. 431)
By Marcel Pobé and Jean Roubier
Reviewed by Joan Liversidge

Fouilles sous-marines: L’Épave du Grand Congloué à Marseille (pp. 432–433)
By Fernand Benoit
Reviewed by Lionel Casson

The History of the Greek and Roman Theater (p. 434)
By Margarete Bieber
Reviewed by Frances Follin Jones

Mythologies of the Ancient World (pp. 434–435)
By Samuel Noah Kramer
Reviewed by W.K.C. Guthrie

Opuscula romana, Vol. II (pp. 435–436)
Reviewed by Cornelius Vermeule

Jeddito 264 (p. 436)
By Hiroshi Daifuku
Reviewed by Alexander J. Lindsay, Jr.

A Catalog of Maya Hieroglyphs (pp. 436–438)
By J. Eric S. Thompson
Reviewed by David H. Kelley

The Ancient Sun Kingdoms of the Americas (pp. 438–439)
By Victor Wolfgang von Hagen
Reviewed by Charles R. Wicke