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September 1891 (7.3)


Excavations by the School at Eretria, 1891. Introductory Note (pp. 233–235)
Charles Waldstein

Excavations by the School at Eretria, 1891. I. Eretria: Historical Sketch (pp. 236–246)
Rufus B. Richardson

Excavations by the School at Eretria, 1891. II. Inscriptions Discovered at Eretria, 1891 (pp. 246–253)
Rufus B. Richardson

Excavations by the School at Eretria, 1891. III. Excavations in the Theatre of Eretria (pp. 253–257)
Andrew Fossum

Excavations by the School at Eretria, 1891. IV. The Stage-Building of the Theatre of Eretria (pp. 257–266)
Andrew Fossum

Excavations by the School at Eretria, 1891. V. The Theatre at Eretria. Orchestra and Cavea (pp. 266–280)
Carleton L. Brownson

Supplementary Excavations at the Theatre of Sikyon, in 1891 (pp. 281–282)
Mortimer Lamson Earle

Introduction of Gothic Architecture into Italy by the French Cistercian Monks. III. Chiaravalle di Castagnola (pp. 283–288)
A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Reviews and Notices of Books


Kampfgruppe und Kämpfertypen in der Antike (p. 289)
By Oscar Bie
Reviewed by K. Wernicke

Le Bronze (p. 289)
By M. Hélène
Reviewed by S. Reinach

Oriental Archaeology

Aegyptische Kunstgeschichte (pp. 289–290)
By G. Maspero and Georg Steindorff
Reviewed by A. Erman and R. Pietschmann

Hawara, Biahmi and Arsinoe (pp. 290–291)
By W.M. Flinders-Petrie
Reviewed by G. Maspero

Geschichte der Phönicien (pp. 291–292)
By R. Pietschmann
Reviewed by J. Krall

Classical Archaeology

Archäologische Beiträge, Carl Robert zur Erinnerung an Berlin dargebracht (p. 292)
By Aus der Anomia
Reviewed by C. Smith

Griechische Munzen (p. 293)
By Imhoof-Blumer
Reviewed by R. Weil

Alterthümer von Aegae (pp. 293–294)
By Richard Bohn, Carl Schuchhardt
Reviewed by P.H.L

Vases Grecs en forme de personnages groupés (p. 294)
By A. Cartault
Reviewed by S. Reinach

Der griechische Tempel in Pompeji (p. 294)
By F.V. Duhn and L. Jacobi
Reviewed by R. Bohn

L’Éducation athénienne au Ve et au IVe siècle avant J.C. (pp. 294–295)
By Paul Girard
Reviewed by C. Robert

Petit Mionnet de poche ou repertoire pratique à l’usage des numismatistes et collectionneurs des monnaies grecques, etc. (p. 295)
By A. Boutkowski-Glinka
Reviewed by S.

Ueber Pausanias (pp. 295–296)
By Wilhelm Gurlitt
Reviewed by Lolling

Führer durch die öffentlichen Sammlungen klassischer Alterthümer in Rom (pp. 296–297)
By Wolfgang Helbig
Reviewed by A. Marquand

Ueber die Bronzestatue des sogenannten Idolino (pp. 297–298)
By R. Kekulé
Reviewed by Ad. M.

Restauration d’Olympie (pp. 298–299)
By V. Laloux and P. Monceaux
Reviewed by S. Reinach

Une école inédite de sculpture gallo-romaine (p. 299)
By A. Lebègue
Reviewed by T. de L.

Inscriptions antiques de la Côte-d’Or (pp. 299–300)
By Paul Lejay
Reviewed by A.H.

Monumenti Antichi. Vol. I. Puntata I (p. 300)
By Accademia dei Lincei
Reviewed by A.H.

Chroniques d’Orient, by S. Reinach; Die hellenistischen Reliefbilder, by Theodor Schreiber (pp. 300–301)
Reviewed by A. Brückner

Baudenkmäler des alten Rom (pp. 301–302)
By Heinrich Strack
Reviewed by O. Richter

Kyrene, eine altgriechische Göttin (p. 302)
By F. Studniczka
Reviewed by Cr.

Die griechische Vasen mit Lieblingsnamen (pp. 302–303)
By K. Wernicke
Reviewed by F. Studniczka

Christian Archaeology

Ikonographisches zu Chrestien de Troyes (p. 303)
By J.V. Antoniewicz
Reviewed by Fr. Schneider

Geschichte der Stadt Athen im Mittelalter (p. 303)
By F. Gregorovius
Reviewed by K. Krumbacher

Die abendländliche Klosteranlage des frühen Mittelalters (p. 304)
By Julius Schlosser
Reviewed by Dehio


Geschichte der holländischen Baukunst und Bildnerei im Zeitalter der Renaissance, der nationalen Blüte und des Klassicismus (p. 304)
By Georg Galland
Reviewed by Bode

Archaeological News (pp. 305–341)
Arthur L. Frothingham, Jr.

Summaries of Periodicals (pp. 342–370)