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June 1888 (4.2)

Notes on Christian Mosaics. III. The Lost Mosaics of the East (pp. 127–148)
A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Inscriptions Found upon the Akropolis (pp. 149–164)
Carl D. Buck

A Laughing Girl and a Study of Coiffure: A Terracotta Head in Munich (pp. 165–168)
Alfred Emerson

An Archaic Patera from Kourion (pp. 169–171)
Allan Marquand

Unpublished or Imperfectly Published Hittite Monuments. III. Reliefs at Carchemish=Jerablûs (pp. 172–174)
William Hayes Ward


Vetulonia and Early Italic Archaeology (pp. 175–180)
A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Reviews and Notices of Books

Histoire de l’Art dans l’Antiquité: Tome IV. Judée-Sardaigne-Syrie-Cappadoce (pp. 181–186)
By Georges Perrot and Charles Chipiez
Reviewed by A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Paphlagonische Felsengräber (pp. 187–189)
By Gustav Hirschfeld
Reviewed by Allan Marquand

Die Felsenreliefs in Kleinasien und das Volk der Hittiter (pp. 189–190)
By Gustav Hirschfeld
Reviewed by Allan Marquand

Archaeological News (pp. 191–219)
A.L. Frothingham, Jr.

Summaries of Periodicals (pp. 220–258)