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July 1954 (58.3)


Some Inscriptions on Vases: VI (pp. 187–190)
John Beazley

The Saint-Valentin Vases (pp. 191–207)
Seymour Howard and Franklin P. Johnson

The Origin and Function of the Gorgon-Head (pp. 209–221)
Thalia Phillies Howe

Acquisitions of the Fogg Art Museum: Sculpture and Figurines (pp. 223–229)
George M.A. Hanfmann

A Cup by Douris (p. 230)
Sherman E. Lee

News Letter from Greece (pp. 231–241)
Eugene Vanderpool


Sir John Linton Myres (p. 243)

Henry Lamar Crosby (pp. 243–244)

Book Reviews

Kunsthalle Basel. Schaetze altaegyptischer Kunst, 27. Juni–13. September 1953 (pp. 245–247)
Reviewed by Bernard V. Bothmer

Carchemish. Report on the Excavations at Jerablus on Behalf of the British Museum. Part III, The Excavations in the Inner Town, by Leonard Woolley; The Hittite Inscriptions, By R.D. Barnett (pp. 247–250)
Reviewed by Machteld J. Mellink

Prélydiens, Hittites et Achéens (pp. 250–251)
By René Dussaud
Reviewed by Machteld J. Mellink

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, USA Fasc. 11, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Fasc. 2, Attic Black-Figured Kylikes (pp. 251–252)
By Gisela M.A. Richter
Reviewed by François Villard

Studies in Land and Credit in Ancient Athens, 500–200 B.C. The Horos-Inscriptions (pp. 252–253)
By Moses I. Finley
Reviewed by R.J. Hopper

The Athenian Agora. Results of Excavations Conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Vol. I, Portrait Sculpture (pp. 253–255)
By Evelyn B. Harrison
Reviewed by Cornelius Vermeule

Cults and Creeds in Greco-Roman Egypt. Monographs in Archaeology and Oriental Studies (pp. 255–256)
By H. Idris Bell
Reviewed by Thomas A. Brady

Gli Scavi di Albintimilium e la Cronologia della Ceramica Romana; prima parte, Campagne di Scavo 1938–1940 (pp. 256–257)
By Nino Lamboglia
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Observations on Roman Portraiture (pp. 257–258)
By G.M.A. Hanfmann
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Roman Britain and the Roman Army. Collected Papers (pp. 258–259)
By Eric Birley
Reviewed by Robert K. Sherk

Weltgeschichte des Mittelmeer-Raumes (von Philip II von Makedonien bis Muhammed) (pp. 259–260)
By Ernst Kornemann and Hermann Bengtson
Reviewed by David M. Robinson

Agricultural Origins and Dispersals (pp. 260–262)
By Carl O. Saúer
Reviewed by George F. Carter

Investigaciones Arqueologicas en La Sabana de Bogotá, Colombia (Cultura Chibcha) (pp. 262–263)
By Emil W. Haury and Julio Cesar Cubillos
Reviewed by Clifford Evans

Tonalá, Mexico: An Archaeological Survey (pp. 263–264)
By Edwin N. Ferdon
Reviewed by Stephan F. de Borhegyi

La Venta, Tabasco, A Study of Olmec Ceramics and Art (pp. 264–265)
By Philip Drucker
Reviewed by Gordon F. Ekholm

The Sobaipuri Indians of the Upper San Pedro River Valley, Southeastern Arizona (pp. 265–266)
By Charles C. DiPeso
Reviewed by J.O. Brew

Potsherds (pp. 267–268)
By Harold S. Colton
Reviewed by Albert H. Schroeder

The Four Ages of Tsurai, a Documentary History of the Indian Village on Trinidad Bay (p. 268)
By Robert F. Heizer and John E. Mills
Reviewed by Franklin Fenenga

Salvage Archaeology in the Chama Valley, New Mexico (pp. 269–270)
By Fred Wendorf
Reviewed by David A. Baerreis

Reports of the University of California Archaeological Survey, No. 22 (Papers on California Archaeology 21–26) (p. 270)
Reviewed by Erik K. Reed