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July 1974 (78.3)


The Temple of Poseidon: A Missing Sima and Other Matters (pp. 211–238)
William B. Dinsmoor, Jr.

Decorated Bronze Beakers from Iran (pp. 239–254)
Oscar White Muscarella

The Kocakizlar Tumulus in Eskişehir, Turkey (pp. 255–263)
Sü Mer Atasoy

Bryn Mawr College Excavations in Tuscany, 1973 (pp. 265–278)
Kyle Meredith Phillips, Jr.

Aphrodisias and Currency in the East, A.D. 259–305 (pp. 279–286)
David J. Macdonald

Cypriote Sculpture, the Late Archaic and Early Classical Periods: Towards a More Precise Understanding (pp. 287–290)
Cornelius Vermeule

Archaeological Notes

A Brass Lamp from Sardis (pp. 291–294)
John S. Crawford and J. Greaves

The Volumes of Arkhaiologike Ephemeris in Honor of G.P. Oikonomos (pp. 294–295)
Sterling Dow

Narrative and Allegory in a Coptic Textile (pp. 295–297)
Eugene J. Dwyer

Book Reviews

Die Bildwerke vom Djebelet el Bēdā in ihrer räumlichen und zeitlichen Umwelt (pp. 298–299)
By Ursula Moortgat-Correns
Reviewed by H.G. Güterbock

Were These King Solomon’s Mines? Excavations in the Timna Valley (pp. 299–300)
By Beno Rothenberg
Reviewed by Prentiss S. de Jesus

Akhenaten and Nefertiti (pp. 300–301)
By Cyril Aldred
Reviewed by Hans Goedicke

Die Anfänge des Neolithikums vom Orient bis Nordeuropa, Part V a: Westliches Mitteleuropa (pp. 301–302)
By Hermann Schwabedissen and Jens Lüning
Reviewed by Stephen Foltiny

Bamboula at Kourion. The Necropolis and the Finds. Excavated by J.F. Daniel, by J.L. Benson; The Necropolis of Kaloriziki Excavated by J.F. Daniel and G.H. McFadden for the University Museum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, by J.L. Benson (pp. 302–303)
Reviewed by R.S. Merrillees

The Troad. An Archaeological and Topographical Study (pp. 303–304)
By J.M. Cook
Reviewed by J.L. Caskey

Zagora I. Excavation Season 1967; Study Season 1968–9 (pp. 304–305)
By Alexander Cambitoglou, J.J. Coulton, Judy Birmingham, and J.R. Green
Reviewed by Jean M. Davison

Isthmia, Vol. I, Temple of Poseidon (pp. 305–306)
By Oscar Broneer
Reviewed by Georges Roux

Das Westtor, Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen, 1964–1968 (pp. 306–307)
By Clemens Krause
Reviewed by William R. Biers

Exploration Archéologique de Délos Faite par l’École Française d’Athènes. Fasc. XXIX: Les Mosaïques; Mosaïques de Délos, by Philippe Bruneau (pp. 307–308)
Reviewed by D.J. Smith

An Inventory of Greek Coin Hoards (pp. 308–309) 
By Margaret Thompson, Otto Mørkholm, and Colin Kraay
Reviewed by M. Jessop Price

La Nécropole préromaine d’Aléria (1960–1968) (pp. 309–310)
By Jean and Laurence Jehasse
Reviewed by Ann Harnwell Ashmead

Pergamon, Gesammelte Aufsätze (pp. 310–312)
By Erich Boehringer
Reviewed by Homer A. Thompson and Dorothy B. Thompson

Das Monument des C. Memmius (p. 312)
By Wilhelm Alzinger and Anton Bammer
Reviewed by Diana E.E. Kleiner and Fred S. Kleiner

Anamur Nekropolü. The Necropolis of Anemurium (pp. 312–313)
By Elisabeth Alföldi-Rosenbaum
Reviewed by Cornelius Vermeule

The Roman Thin Walled Pottery from Cosa (1948–1954), with Drawings by the Author (pp. 313–314)
By Maria Teresa Marabini Moevs
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Corpus Vasorum Arretinorum. A Catalogue of the Signatures, Shapes and Chronology of Italian Sigillata (pp. 314–315)
By August Oxé and Howard Comfort
Reviewed by Elisabeth Ettlinger

Inventaire préliminaire des documents égyptiens découverts en Italie, by Michel Malaise; Les conditions de pénétration et de diffusion des cultes égyptiens en Italie, by Michel Malaise; Volumes 21 and 22 in Études préliminaires aux religions orientales dans l’empire romain, by J.M. Vermasern (pp. 315–316)
Reviewed by Ruth Ilsley Hicks

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 316–318)