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January 1982 (86.1)


Editorial Letter (pp. 1–2)
Brunilde S. Ridgway and Tamara Stech


A Typology of Minoan Neopalatial Houses (pp. 3–19)
John McEnroe

The Motif of the Adligatus and Tree: A Study in the Sources of Pre–Roman Iconography (pp. 21–38)
Anne Weis

The Eruption of Vesuvius in A.D. 79: Reconstruction from Historical and Volcanological Evidence (pp. 39–51)
Haraldur Sigurdsson, Stanford Cashdollar and Stephen R.J. Sparks

Roman Rural Architecture in the Territory of Colonia Iulia Pola (pp. 53–64)
Robert Matijašić

The Victorious Charioteer on Mosaics and Related Monuments (pp. 65–89)
Katherine M.D. Dunbabin

Three Monumental Gardens on the Marble Plan (pp. 91–100)
Robert B. Lloyd

Domitian, the Argiletum and the Temple of Peace (pp. 101–110)
James C. Anderson, Jr.

Archaeological Notes

Danae and Perseus on Seriphos (pp. 111–115)
John H. Oakley

The Tickle and Sneeze of Love (pp. 115–118)
Mark I. Davies

Etruscan Granulation: Analysis of Orientalizing Jewelry from Marsiliana d’Albegna (pp. 118–121)
Paolo Parrini, Edilberto Formigli and Emilio Mello

The Stuppatores and Their Guild in Ostia (pp. 121–126)
Gustav Hermansen

A Note on Ivory Carving in Fourth Century Constantinople (pp. 126–129)
Alan Cameron

Book Reviews

Animal Diseases in Archaeology (pp. 131–132)
By J. Baker and D. Brothwell
Reviewed by Al B. Wesolowsky

Prehistory of the Eastern Sahara (pp. 132–133)
By Fred Wendorf and Romuald Schild
Reviewed by Patrick J. Munson

The Early Bronze Age Citadel and Lower City at Ai (Et–Tell). A Report of the Joint Archeological Expedition to Ai (Et-Tell): No. 2 (pp. 133–134)
By Joseph A. Callaway
Reviewed by Ian A. Todd

The Land of the Bible. A Historical Geography (pp. 134–136)
By Yohanan Aharoni and Anson F. Rainey
Reviewed by J.D. Muhly

The Tomb of Kheruef, Theban Tomb 192 by The Epigraphic Survey (p. 136)
Reviewed by James M. Weinstein

Asine II. Results of the Excavations East of the Acropolis 1970–1974. 2. The Middle Helladic Cemetery, The Middle Helladic and Early Mycenaean Deposits (pp. 136–138)
By So̵ren Dietz
Reviewed by Jack L. Davis

Maroni de Chypre (pp. 138–139)
By Jane Johnson
Reviewed by Ellen Herscher

Archaic Greece. The Age of Experiment (p. 139)
By Anthony Snodgrass
Reviewed by Keith DeVries

Frühklassische Peplosfiguren. Originale (pp. 139–140)
By Renate Tölle-Kastenbein
Reviewed by Mary C. Sturgeon

Exploration Archéologique de Délos, XXXII. Le Monument aux Hexagones et le Portique des Naxiens (pp. 140–141)
By Marie-Christine Hellmann and Philippe Fraisse
Reviewed by Richard S. Mason

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, France 29, Rennes (pp. 141–142)
By Annie-France Laurens and Odette Touchefeu
Reviewed by Ian McPhee

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Switzerland 5, Östschweiz Ticino (pp. 141–142)
By Ingrid R. Metzger, Matilde Carrara Ronzani, and Hansjörg Bloesch
Reviewed by Ian McPhee

Das ionische Normalkapitel in hellenistischer und römischer Zeit in Kleinasien (pp. 142–143)
By Orhan Bingöl
Reviewed by F.E. Winter

The Iron Age and Etruscan Vases in the Olcott Collection at Columbia University, New York, by Ingrid E.M. Edlund; Il “Gruppo Clusium” della Ceramografia Etrusca, by Maurizio Harari (pp. 143–144) 
Reviewed by Stockton H. Garver

Le Ciste Prenestine I, 1 (pp. 144–145) 
By Gabrielle Bordenache Battaglia
Reviewed by Dorothy Kent Hill

L’Armée et la Guerre dans le Monde Etrusco-Romain VIIIe–IVe s.) (pp. 145–146)
By Christiane Saulnier
Reviewed by Larissa Bonfante

Spiegelwerkstätten in Vulci (pp. 146–147)
By Ulrike Fischer-Graf
Reviewed by Richard Daniel DePuma

The Visible Idea. Interpretations of Classical Art (pp. 147–148)
By Otto J. Brendel
Reviewed by David L. Thompson

Les Bronzes Romains de Belgique (pp. 148–149)
By G. Faider-Feytmans
Reviewed by Ellen Reeder Williams

Cosa: The Coins, by T.V. Buttrey; Italo-Megarian Ware at Cosa; ACO in Northern Etruria: The Workshop of Cusonius at Cosa, by M.T.M. Moevs (pp. 149–150) 
Reviewed by Kathleen Warner Slane

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 150–153)

Recent Dissertations in Archaeology

Recent Dissertations in Archaeology (pp. 153)