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October 1988 (92.4)

Volume Index

Volume 92 (1988) Index (Open Access)

Field Report

Preliminary Report of Excavations at the Harbor of Phalasarna in West Crete (pp. 463–479)
Elpida Hadjidaki


Taş Kule: A Persian-Period Tomb near Phokaia (pp. 481–501)
Nicholas Cahill

Iberian Art with Greek Influence: The Funerary Monument of Jumilla (Murcia, Spain) (pp. 503–508)
J.M. Blázquez

The Berlin Dancer Completed: A Bronze Auletris in Santa Barbara (pp. 509–527)
Kenneth D. Shapiro

The Origin of the Latin Numerals 1 to 1000 (pp. 529–546)
Paul Keyser

Diamonds from India to Rome and Beyond (pp. 547–552)
Leonard Gorelick and A. John Gwinnett

Ports in Perspective: Some Comparative Materials on Roman Merchant Ships and Ports (pp. 553–564)
George W. Houston

The End of the Roman House (pp. 565–576)
Simon P. Ellis


Frank Edward Brown, 1908–1988 (pp. 577–579)
Russell T. Scott


Chronologies in Old World Archaeology, 1985–1987

Introduction (p. 581)
Edith Porada

New Evidence for North Syrian Chronology from Hammam et-Turkman (pp. 581–587)
Maurits van Loon

The Kasr Archive (pp. 587–588)
Matthew W. Stolper

Problems in the Chronology of Ninevite 5 (pp. 589–591)
Michael Roaf

The Northern “Frontier” of the Ancient Near East: Transcaucasia and Central Asia Compared (pp. 591–596)
Philip L. Kohl

Book Reviews

Manuale di fotografia aerea: Uso archeologico (p. 597)
By Fabio Piccarreta
Reviewed by T.W. Potter

Lindow Man. The Body in the Bog (pp. 597–599)
By I.M. Stead, J.B. Bourke, and Don Brothwell
Reviewed by Terence O’Connor

The Bog Man and the Archaeology of People (pp. 597–599)
By Don Brothwell
Reviewed by Terence O’Connor

Island Societies: Archaeological Approaches to Evolution and Transformation (pp. 599–600)
By Patrick Vinton Kirch
Reviewed by Jack L. Davis

Archäometrie: Neuere naturwissenschaftliche Methoden und Erfolge in der Archäologie (p. 600)
By Hans Mommsen
Reviewed by J.A. Brongers

Archäologische und naturwissenschaftliche Untersuchungen an ländlichen und frühstädtischen Siedlungen im deutschen Küstengebiet vom 5. Jahrhundert v. Chr. bis zum 11. Jahrhundert n. Chr., Vol. I: Ländliche Siedlungen (pp. 600–601)
By G. Kossack, K.-E. Behre, and P. Schmid
Reviewed by Willem J.H. Willems

Archäologische und naturwissenschaftliche Untersuchungen an ländlichen und frühstädtischen Siedlungen im deutschen Küstengebiet vom 5. Jahrhundert v. Chr. bis zum 11. Jahrhundert n. Chr., Vol. II: Handelsplätze des frühen und hohen Mittelalters (pp. 600–601)
By H. Jankuhn, K. Schietzel, and H. Reichstein
Reviewed by Willem J.H. Willems

Ägyptisches Kulturgut im phönikischen und punischen Sardinien (pp. 601–602)
By Günther Hölbl
Reviewed by Robert J. Rowland, Jr.

First Impressions: Cylinder Seals in the Ancient near East (pp. 602–604)
By Dominique Collon
Reviewed by Edith Porada

Tradition and Innovation: Essays in Minoan Art (pp. 604–605)
By Gisela Walberg
Reviewed by Maria C. Shaw

Thanatos. Les coutumes funéraires en Égée à l’Age du Bronze. Actes du Colloque de Liége (pp. 605–606)
By Robert Laffineur
Reviewed by Charles Gates

Studien zur Mythologie und Vasenmalerei: Festschrift für Konrad Schauenburg zum 65. Geburtstag am 16. 4. 1986 (pp. 606–609)
By Elke Böhr and Wolfram Martini
Reviewed by Susan B. Matheson

Liebieghaus-Museum alter Plastik. Antike Bildwerke I. Bildwerke aus Stein und aus Stuck von archaischer Zeit bis zur Spätantike (pp. 609–610)
By P.C. Bol
Reviewed by Steven Lattimore

Archaische und klassische griechische Plastik (pp. 610–611)
By Helmut Kyrieleis
Reviewed by Andrew Stewart

The Greek Settlements in Thrace until the Macedonian Conquest (pp. 611–612)
By Benjamin Isaac
Reviewed by Stanley M. Burstein

Forme d’insediamento tra Tevere e Fiora dal Bronzo Finale al principio dell’Età del Ferro (pp. 612–613)
By F. Di Gennaro
Reviewed by Maurizio Gualtieri

Bronzes from Spina I. The Figural Classes: Tripod, Kraters, Basin, Cista, Protome, Utensil Stands, Candelabra, and Votive Statuettes (pp. 613–614)
By Eric Hostetter
Reviewed by Mario A. del Chiaro

Recherches sur l’art et l’artisanat étrusco-italiques à l’époque hellénistique (pp. 614–615)
By Françoise-Hélène Massa-Pairault
Reviewed by Helen Nagy

The Portraiture of Gaius and Lucius Caesar (pp. 615–617)
By John Pollini
Reviewed by Mark D. Fullerton

Zur Typologie der Grabbauten im Suburbium Roms (pp. 617–618)
By Michael Eisner
Reviewed by Diana E.E. Kleiner

La riva a mezzaluna: Culti, agoni, monumenti funerari presso il Tevere nel Campo Marzio occidentale (pp. 618–619)
By Eugenio La Rocca
Reviewed by Robert E. A. Palmer

The San Rocco Villa at Francolise (pp. 619–620)
By M. Aylwin Cotton and Guy P.R. Métraux
Reviewed by John J. Dobbins

Die Chronologie der römischen Mosaiken in Venetien und Istrien bis zur Zeit der Antonine (pp. 620–621)
By Michael Donderer
Reviewed by John R. Clarke

Agricola and the Conquest of the North (p. 621)
By W.S. Hanson
Reviewed by Keith Branigan

An Inventory of the Ancient Monuments in Brecknock (Brycheiniog) I: The Prehistoric and Roman Monuments, Pt. 2: Hill-Forts and Roman Remains (pp. 621–622)
Reviewed by John Collis

Romer und Franken am Niederrhein. Katalog-Handbuch des Landschaftsmuseums Burg Linn in Krefeld (pp. 622–623)
By Renate Pirling
Reviewed by Bailey K. Young

Le monnayage de l’atelier de Lyon du règne de Jovien à la mort de Jovin (pp. 623–624)
By Pierre Bastien
Reviewed by William E. Metcalf

Antike Götter im Mittelalter (pp. 624–625)
By Nikolaus Himmelmann
Reviewed by Lawrence Nees

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 625–628)