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July 1963 (67.3)


Procopius’ De Aedificiis and the Topography of Thermopylae (pp. 241–255)
Pierre A. Mackay

Alphabetized Inscriptions from Smyrna in Bowdoin and Leyden (pp. 257–268)
Sterling Dow

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry in the Horace L. Mayer Collection (pp. 269–274)
Edward L.B. Terrace

A Satyr in Pergamene Style in Kansas City (pp. 275–278)
Margarete Bieber

News Letter from Greece (pp. 279–283)
Eugene Vanderpool

Archaeological Notes

The Inscription of Diogenes of Oenoanda (pp. 285–286)
C.W. Chilton

Stream Changes during Historic Time in East-Central Sicily (pp. 287–289)
Sheldon Judson

A Tomb Group of the Fourth Century B.C. from the Area of Morgantina (pp. 289–291)
R. Ross Holloway

A Series of Notes in Four Parts on Campanian Megalography B. Numerical Grouping at the Villa Item and the Balance of Opposites (pp. 291–294)
Alan M.G. Little

The Applied Science Center for Archaeology (pp. 294–295)
Froelich Rainey

Did Strabo Visit Athens? (pp. 296–300)
Lawrence Waddy


John Papadimitriou (p. 301)
John L. Caskey

Book Reviews

Géographie de l’Égypte ancienne. Deuxième partie. La haute Egypte (pp. 302–305)
By Pierre Montet
Reviewed by Henry G. Fischer

The Art of the Ancient Near East in Boston. Museum of Fine Arts (p. 305)
By Edward L.B. Terrace
Reviewed by Guitty Azarpay

Inscriptions in the Minoan Linear Script of Class A (pp. 305–306)
By W.C. Brice
Reviewed by Emily Vermeule

Les outils de bronze, de l'Indus au Danube (IVe au IIe Millénaire) (pp. 306–307)
By Jean Deshayes
Reviewed by Machteld J. Mellink

Ancient Landscapes. Studies in Field Archaeology (p. 308)
By John Bradford
Reviewed by Jotham Johnson

Fonti per la storia greca e romana del Salento (pp. 308–309)
By Giancarlo Susini
Reviewed by Robert E.A. Palmer

Perseus in der Kunst des Altertums (pp. 309–310)
By Konrad Schauenburg
Reviewed by Michael H. Jameson

Greek Masterworks of Art Rue (p. 310)
By Max Wegner and Charlotte La
Reviewed by John E. Rexine                                  

Il sale della terra, materia pittorica dell'antichità (pp. 310–311)
By Elena Schiavi
Reviewed by Joseph V. Noble

Samothrace, 4, 1. The Hall of Votive Gifts (pp. 311–312)
By Karl Lehmann
Reviewed by William P. Donovan

L’Architecture de L’Argolide aux IVe et IIIe siècles avant J.-C. (pp. 312–313)
By Georges Roux
Reviewed by Charles K. Williams

Coastal Demes of Attica, A Study of the Policy of Kleisthenes (p. 313)
By C.M. Eliot
Reviewed by A.E. Raubitschek

La vie quotidienne chez les étrusques (pp. 313–314)
By Jacques Heurgon
Reviewed by Emeline Hill Richardson

I rapporti romano-ceriti e l’origine della civitas sine suffragio (pp. 314–315)
By Marta Sordi
Reviewed by Robert E.A. Palmer

Roman Ostia (pp. 315–317)
By Russell Meiggs
Reviewed by Henry T. Rowell

Das Staedtewesen in Nordafrika von der Zeit von C. Gracchus bis zum Tode des Kaisers Augustus (pp. 317–318)
By Leo Teutsch
Reviewed by Richard M. Haywood

Mogontiacum, Neue Untersuchungen am Römischen Legionslager in Mainz (pp. 318–319)
By Dietwulf Baatz
Reviewed by Howard Comfort

Early Roman Coinage II and III (Nationalmuseets Skrifter, Arkaeologisk-Historisk Raekke, Vols. IX and X) (pp. 319–320)
By Rudi Thomsen
Reviewed by T.V. Buttrey

Die römischen Mosaiken der Schweiz (pp. 320–321)
By Victorine von Gonzenbach
Reviewed by Edith B. Thomas

Scavi di Ostia, IV. Mosaici e pavimenti marmorei (pp. 321–322)
By Giovanni Becatti
Reviewed by D.J. Smith

Les inscriptions antiques de Paris (p. 322)
By Paul-Marie Duval
Reviewed by Olwen Brogan

The Art and Architecture of Ancient America. The Mexican, Maya, and Andean Peoples (pp. 323–324)
By George Kubler
Reviewed by Tatiana Proskouriakoff

Textiles of Ancient Peru and Their Techniques (pp. 324–326)
By Raoul d’Harcourt, Grace G. Denny, Carolyn M. Osborne, and Sadie Brown
Reviewed by Mary Elizabeth King

The Cerro Colorado Site and Pithouse Architecture in the Southwestern United States Prior to A.D. 900 (pp. 326–327)
By William Rotch Bullard
Reviewed by Watson Smith

Mayapan, Yucatan, Mexico (pp. 327–330)
By H.E.D. Pollock, Ralph L. Roys, T. Proskouriakoff, and A.L. Smith
Reviewed by William A. Haviland and Hatttula Moholy-Nagy

Archaeology of Easter Island (pp. 330–331)
By Thor Heyerdahl and Edwin N. Ferdon
Reviewed by Betty J. Meggers


Excavations at Morgantina (Serra Orlando) 1962: Preliminary Report VII (p. 332)