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Field Reports

A Falcon Shrine at the Port of Berenike (Red Sea Coast, Egypt)
(pp. 567–591)
Open Access
Joan Oller Guzmán, David Fernández Abella, Vanesa Trevín Pita, Olaf E. Kaper, Rodney Ast, Marta Osypińska, Steven E. Sidebotham

State of the Discipline

Archaeobotanical Research in Classical Archaeology
(pp. 593–623)
Open Access
Lisa Lodwick, Erica Rowan


Martha Sharp Joukowsky, 1936–2022
(pp. 625–628)
Open Access
Jarrett A. Lobell

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Book Reviews

Pottery from Tell Khaiber: A Craft Tradition of the First Sealand Dynasty
Open Access
By Daniel Calderbank
Reviewed by Steve Renette

Religion in the Art of Archaic and Classical Greece
Open Access
By Tyler Jo Smith
Reviewed by K.A. Rask

Olympia: A Cultural History
Open Access
By Judith M. Barringer
Reviewed by Stephan Lehmann

The Temple of Artemis at Sardis
Open Access
By Fikret K. Yegül
Reviewed by Thomas Noble Howe

Rhetoric and Innovation in Hellenistic Art
Open Access
By Kristen Seaman
Reviewed by Stephanie M. Langin-Hooper

Hellenistic Sealings and Archives: Proceedings of The Edfu Connection, An International Conference
Open Access
Edited by Branko F. van Oppen de Ruiter and Ronald Wallenfels
Reviewed by Noah Kaye

Poteri e strategie familiari di Volterra: Il caso di una comunità etrusca nel mondo romano
Open Access
By Valentina Limina
Reviewed by Alessandro Sebastiani

Destinations in Mind: Portraying Places on the Roman Empire’s Souvenirs
Open Access
By Kimberly Cassibry
Reviewed by Sinclair W. Bell

Books Received