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January 2000 (104.1)


A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief (p. 1)
R. Bruce Hitchner

Editorial Policy, Instructions for Contributors, and Abbreviations (pp. 3–24)


Neolithic Statues from Ain Ghazal: Construction and Form (pp. 25–45) 
Carol A. Grissom

Hydraulics of Roman Aqueducts: Steep Chutes, Cascades, and Dropshafts (pp. 47–72) 
H. Chanson

Doric Measure and Architectural Design 1: The Evidence of the Relief from Salamis (pp. 73–93) 
Mark Wilson Jones


The Epigraphy of Hellenistic Asia Minor: A Survey of Recent Research (1992–1999) (pp. 95–121) 
John Ma


Luigi Bernabò Brea (1910–1999) (pp. 123–124) 
Caroline Malone and Simon Stoddart

Emeline Hill Richardson (1910–1999) (p. 125) 
L. Richardson, Jr.

Book Reviews

An Encyclopedia of the History of Classical Archaeology (pp. 127–128)
By Nancy Thomson de Grummond
Reviewed by Graham Shipley

The Conquest of Assyria: Excavations in an Antique Land, 1840–1860 (pp. 128–129)
By Mogens Trolle Larsen
Reviewed by Piotr Michalowski

An Introduction to Optical Dating: The Dating of Quaternary Sediments by the Use of Photon-Simulated Luminescence (pp. 129–130)
By M.J. Aitken 
Reviewed by George (Rip) Rapp

Licht am Ende des Tunnels: Planung und Trassierung im Antiken Tunnelbau (pp. 130–131)
By Klaus Grewe 
Reviewed by Peter J. Aicher

Sardinian and Aegean Chronology: Proceedings of the International Colloquium Sardinian Stratigraphy and Mediterranean Chronology, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, March 17–19, 1995 (pp. 131–132)
By Miriam S. Balmuth and Robert H. Tykot 
Reviewed by A. Bernard Knapp

Excavations on the Acropolis of Midea: Results of the Greek-Swedish Excavations under the Direction of Katie Demakopoulou and Paul Åström, vol. 1 in 2 vols.: The Excavations on the Lower Terraces 1985–1991 (pp. 133–134)
By Gisela Walberg
Reviewed by Ione Mylonas Shear

Γλάς 2: Ἠ Ἀνασκαφή 1981–1991 (pp. 133–134)
By Spyridon E. Iakovidis
Reviewed by Ione Mylonas Shear

Euboica: LEubea e la presenza euboica in Calcidica e in Occidente: Atti del convegno internazionale di Napoli, 13–16 Nov. 1996 (pp. 134–135)
By M. Bats and B. d'Agostino
Reviewed by John K. Papadopoulos

Makron (pp. 135–136)
By Norbert Kunisch 
Reviewed by John H. Oakley

Corpus vasorum antiquorum: USA 33: The J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu 8 (pp. 136–138) 
By Mary B. Moore
Reviewed by Gloria Ferrari

Η Θράκη στην αττική εικονογραφία του 5ου αιώνα π.Χ. (p. 138)
By Despoina Tsiafakis
Reviewed by H.A. Shapiro

Archaic Greek Equestrian Sculpture (pp. 138–140)
By Mary Ann Eaverly
Reviewed by Caroline M. Houser

Amazones Volneratae: Untersuchungen zu den ephesischen Amazonenstatuen (pp. 140–141)
By Renate Bol
Reviewed by Mary C. Sturgeon

Agora 31: The City Eleusinion (pp. 141–142) 
By Margaret M. Miles
Reviewed by Barbette Stanley Spaeth

Devins, dieux, et démons: Regards sur la religion de lÉtrurie antique (pp. 142–143)
By Jean-René Jannot
Reviewed by Christopher Smith

Art and Text in Roman Culture (pp. 143–144) 
By Jas Elsner
Reviewed by Ann Kuttner

Die Skulpturen von Fianello Sabino: Zum Beginn der Skulpturenausstattung in römischen Villen (pp. 144–145)
By Christiane Vorster
Reviewed by Elizabeth Bartman

Untersuchungen zu den kaiserzeitlichen Togastatuen griechischer Provenienz: Kaiserliche und private Togati der Provinzen Achaia, Creta (et Cyrene) und Teilen der Provinz Macedonia (pp. 145–146)
By Felicitas Havé-Nikolaus
Reviewed by Jennifer Trimble

Griechenland: Die Grabdenkmäler mit Porträts aus Makedonien 3.1 (pp. 146–147)
By Maria Logogianni-Georgakarakos
Reviewed by Francesca Santoro L'hoir

Stele romane in Piemonte (pp. 146–147)
By Liliana Mercando and Gianfranco Paci
Reviewed by Francesca Santoro L’hoir

The Ince Blundell Collection of Classical Sculpture 1: The Portraits; 2: The Roman Male Portraits (pp. 147–148) 
By Jane Fejfer
Reviewed by Nancy H. Ramage

The Architectural Ornament of Diocletian's Palace at Split (pp. 148–149)
By Sheila McNally
Reviewed by Thomas F.C. Blagg

Marble Studies: Roman Palestine and the Marble Trade (pp. 149–150) 
By Moshe L. Fischer
Reviewed by Susan Kane

Roman Villas: A Study in Social Structure (pp. 150–151) 
By J.T. Smith
Reviewed by John R. Clarke

San Giusto: La villa, le ecclesiae: Primi risultati dagli scavi nel sito rurale di San Giusto (Lucera), 1995–1997 (pp. 151–152) 
By Giuliano Volpe
Reviewed by David Soren

The Jews among the Greeks and Romans: A Diasporan Sourcebook (pp. 152–154)
By Margaret H. Williams
Reviewed by Eric M. Meyers

Judaism and Christianity in First-Century Rome (pp. 152–154)
By Karl P. Donfried and Peter Richardson
Reviewed by Eric M. Meyers

The Architecture of Oboda: Final Report (p. 154)
By Avraham Negev
Reviewed by David F. Graf

The Shape of the Holy: Early Islamic Jerusalem (pp. 154–156)
By Oleg Grabar
Reviewed by Andreas Kaplony

Continuity and Change in Northern Mesopotamia from the Hellenistic to the Early Islamic Period (pp. 156–157)
By Karin Bartl and Stefan R. Hauser
Reviewed by Donald Whitcomb

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 157–161)