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October–December 1938 (42.4)

Volume 42 (1938) Index (Open Access)

Archaeological Notes

Excavations at the Heraeum of Lucania (pp. 441–444)
Paola Zancani Montuoro and Umberto Zanotti-Bianco

Discoveries on the North Slope of the Acropolis, 1938 (pp. 445–450)
Oscar Broneer

The Development of Archaic Greek Sculpture (pp. 451–455)
C.A. Robinson, Jr.

Amendments in Athenian Decrees (pp. 456–485)
Albert Billheimer

Evidence for the Ram in the Minoan Period (pp. 486–494)
Lionel Cohen

A Proto-Panathenaic Amphora in the National Museum at Athens (pp. 495–505)
Semni Papaspyridi-Karouzou

Decorated Arretine Ware in the National Museum, Washington (pp. 506–511)
Howard Comfort

The Significance of the Arch of the Severi at Lepcis (pp. 512–524)
Prescott W. Townsend

The Fortifications of Athens at the Opening of the Peloponnesian War (pp. 525–536)
Robert L. Scranton

Late Mycenaean Vases (pp. 537–559)
Mogens B. Mackeprang

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 560–586)
Stephen B. Luce

Book Reviews

A Handbook to the Egyptian Mummies and Coffins Exhibited in the British Museum; Ancient Egyptian Sculptures Lent (p. 587)
By C.S. Gulbenkian, Esq
Reviewed by T. George Allen

Beiträge zur Geschichte der Stierkulte in Aegypten (pp. 587–588)
By Eberhard Otto
Reviewed by T. George Allen

L’Égypte des Astrologues (pp. 588–589)
By Franz Cumont
Reviewed by C. Bradford Welles

The Arts in Ptolemaic Egypt. A Study of Greek and Egyptian Influences in Ptolemaic Architecture and Sculpture (pp. 589–590)
By Ibrahim Noshy
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Fouilles de Telloh, Tome II: Époques d’Ur (IIIe Dynastie) et de Larsa (pp. 590–591)
By H. de Genouillac
Reviewed by W.F. Albright

La Septième Campagne de Fouilles à Ras Sharma (Ugarit). Rapport Sommaire (pp. 591–592)
By C.F.-A. Schaeffer, Ch. Virolleaud, and R. Dussaud
Reviewed by W.F. Albright

Inventaire Archéologique de la Région au Nord-est de Hama (pp. 592–593)
By Jean Lassus
Reviewed by W.F. Albright

Excavations at Thermi in Lesbos (pp. 593–594)
By Winifred Lamb
Reviewed by Carl W. Blegen

Briefe von Heinrich Schliemann (pp. 594–596)
By Ernst Meyer
Reviewed by Carl W. Blegen

Das Dionysos-Theater in Athen, by E. Fiechter and R. Herbig; Das Theater in Eretria, by E. Fiechter (pp. 596–601)
Reviewed by Oscar Broneer

Documents on Athenian Tribute (pp. 601–603)
By Benjamin Dean Meritt
Reviewed by Sterling Dow

Archaeologische Vermutungen (p. 604)
By Erwin Bielefeld
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Pazyrskii Kurgan (pp. 604–605)
By M. Griaznov
Reviewed by Henry Field

Antioch-on-the-Orontes II. The Excavations of 1935–1936 (pp. 605–607)
By Richard Stillwell
Reviewed by Clark Hopkins

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. Altertümer von Pergamon. Band IX. Das Temenos für den Herrscherkult (p. 607)
By Erich Boehringer and Friedrich Krauss
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Stamped and Inscribed Objects from Seleucia on the Tigris (pp. 607–617)
By Robert H. McDowell
Reviewed by Frank E. Brown

A Political History of Parthia (p. 617)
By Neilson C. Debevoise
Reviewed by Frank E. Brown

Le “Refrigerium” dans l’au-delà (pp. 617–618)
By André Parrot
Reviewed by Thos. A. Brady

L’Évolution des Bronzes Chinois Archaïques, d’après l’Exposition Franco-Suédoise du Musée Cernuschi, Mai–Juin 1937 (pp. 618–619)
By M. René Grousset
Reviewed by Helen E. Fernald

Early Anglo-Saxon Art and Archaeology (pp. 619–620)
By E.T. Leeds
Reviewed by George M.A. Hanfmann

Palestine of the Crusades (p. 620)
Reviewed by Marion E. Blake


Erratum (p. 620)