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July 1972 (76.3)


Bryn Mawr College Excavations in Tuscany, 1971 (pp. 249–255)
Kyle Meredith Phillips, Jr.

Excavations at Karataş-Semayük and Elmali, Lycia, 1971 (pp. 257–269)
Machteld J. Mellink

Chronologies in Old World Archaeology: Archaeological Seminar at Columbia University 1970–1971

Foreign Relations of Babylonia from 1600 to 625 B.C.: The Documentary Evidence (pp. 271–281)
J.A. Brinkman

Aegean Bronze Age Relations with Egypt (pp. 281–294)
R.S. Merrillees

Notes on Houses and Housing-Districts at Abdera and Himera (pp. 295–301)
J. Walter Graham

The East and West Friezes of the Temple of Athena Nike (pp. 303–310)
Elizabeth Gummey Pemberton

Archaeological News from Cyprus, 1970 (pp. 311–320)
Kyriakos Nicolaou

Archaeological Notes

Wire Drawing in Antiquity (pp. 321–323)
Diane Lee Carroll

The Building of Eumachia: A Reconsideration (pp. 323–327)
Walter O. Moeller

A Goat-Chariot on the Hagia Triada Sarcophagus (p. 327)
Terry Small

Herm at Athens with Portraits of Xenophon and Arrian (pp. 327–328) 
James H. Oliver

Book Reviews

Zylinder- und Stempelsiegel aus Karahöyük bei Konya (pp. 329–330)
By Sedat Alp
Reviewed by Jeanny Vorys Canby

Secrets of the Great Pyramid (p. 330)
By Peter Tompkins
Reviewed by Hans Goedicke

The Art of Egypt (p. 330)
By Kurt T. Luckner
Reviewed by William H. Peck

A Study of the Ba Concept in Ancient Egyptian Texts (pp. 330–331)
By Louis V. Zabkar
Reviewed by Hans Goedicke

Jewels of the Pharaohs (p. 331)
By Cyril Aldred
Reviewed by John D. Cooney

The Inscriptions of Kourion (p. 332)
By T.B. Mitford
Reviewed by Ino Nicolaou

The Minoans, Crete in the Bronze Age (pp. 332–333)
By Sinclair Hood
Reviewed by J. Walter Graham

Lerna. A Preclassical Site in the Argolid. Results of Excavations Conducted by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Vol. II. The People (pp. 333–334)
By J. Lawrence Angel
Reviewed by Don Brothwell

Mycenaean Citadels (p. 334)
By Niki C. Scoufopoulos
Reviewed by F.E. Winter              

Greek Fortifications (pp. 334–335)
By F.E. Winter
Reviewed by Robert Scranton

Die Entwicklung griechischer Statuenbasen und die Aufstellung der Statuen (pp. 335–336)
By Margrit Jacob-Felsch
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Fighting on Land and Sea in Greek Geometric Art (pp. 336–337)
By Gudrun Ahlberg
Reviewed by Philip P. Betancourt

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Italy Fasc. XLV, Parma, Museo Nazionale Fasc. I (pp. 337–338)
By Maria Pia Rossignani
Reviewed by Sally R. Roberts

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Italy XLVI: Museo Nazionale di Antichità di Parma, II (p. 338)
By Maria Pia Rossignani
Reviewed by A.D. Trendall

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, USA Fasc. 13. The Ella Riegel Memorial Museum, Bryn Mawr College, Fasc. 1, Attic Red-Figured Vases (pp. 338–339)
By Ann Harnwell Ashmead and Kyle Meredith Phillips
Reviewed by Gisela M.A. Richter

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Italy Fasc. XLVII, Como, Museo Archeologico “Giovio,” Fasc. I (p. 339)
By Francesca Paola Porten Palange
Reviewed by Dietrich von Bothmer

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Italy Fasc. XLI, Orvieto, Museo Claudio Faina, Fasc. I (pp. 339–340)
By L. Vlad Borrelli
Reviewed by Dietrich von Bothmer

Ideal und Wirklichkeit in den Bildnissen Alexanders des Grossen (pp. 340–342)
By Tonio Hölscher
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

Atti del Primo Simposio Internazionale di Protostoria Italiana (pp. 342–343)
By Giorgio Gualandi
Reviewed by Augustus Sordinas

Die Entstehung der Situlenkunst, Studien zur figürlich verzierten Toreutik von Este (p. 343)
By Otto-Herman Frey
Reviewed by Hugh Hencken

Himera, I: Campagne di Scavo 1963–1965 (pp. 343–344)
By Achille Adriani
Reviewed by Hubert L. Allen

La decouverte de la Domus Aurea et la formation des grotesques a la renaissance (pp. 344–345)
By Nicole Dacos
Reviewed by Katharine Shepard

Mints, Dies and Currency. Essays in Memory of Albert Baldwin (pp. 345–346)
By R.A.G. Carson
Reviewed by T.V. Buttrey

Roman Bath Discovered (pp. 346–347)
By Barry Cunliffe
Reviewed by Joan Liversidge

Britannia, A Journal of Romano-British and Kindred Studies, Vol. I (p. 347)
Reviewed by K.R. Jefferies

Late Roman Painting (pp. 347–348)
By Wladimiro Dorigo, James Cleugh, and John Warrington
Reviewed by D.J. Smith

An Introduction to American Archaeology, Vol. Two, South America (pp. 348–351)
By Gordon R. Willey
Reviewed by Thomas C. Patterson

Explanation in Archeology: An Explicitly Scientific Approach (pp. 351–352)
By Patty Jo Watson, Steven A. LeBlanc, and Charles L. Redman
Reviewed by James N. Hill