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October 1981 (85.4)

Volume Index

Volume 85 (1981) Index (Open Access)


Maceheads from Marlik (pp. 367–378)
Ezat O. Negahban

The Doric Groundplan (pp. 379–427)
Richard Tobin

Americanist Archaeology: The 1980 Literature (pp. 429–445)
Reviewed by Robert C. Dunnell

Chronologies in Old World Archaeology

Abu Salabikh, Kish, Mari and Ebla: Mid-Third Millennium Archaeological Interconnections (pp. 447–448)
P.R.S. Moorey

The Relations between Egypt and the Land of Canaan during the Third Millennium B.C. (pp. 449–452)
Amnon Ben-Tor

News Letter from Greece (1979 and 1980) (pp. 453–462)
Miriam Ervin Caskey

Archaeology in Asia Minor (pp. 463–479)
Machteld J. Mellink

Iron at Taanach and Early Iron Metallurgy in the Eastern Mediterranean: Addendum (p. 481)
T. Stech-Wheeler, J.D. Muhly, K.R. Maxwell-Hyslop and R. Maddin

Archaeological Notes

New Romanian Radiocarbon Dates: Middle Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic (pp. 483–486)
Kenneth Honea

Vitruvius, Lead Pipes and Lead Poisoning (pp. 486–491)
A. Trevor Hodge

A Lost Patchwork “Fayum Portrait” (pp. 491–492)
David L. Thompson

Book Reviews

Thermoluminescence Techniques in Archaeology (p. 493)
By Stuart Fleming
Reviewed by Gary W. Carriveau

Surveying for Archaeologists and Other Field Workers (p. 494)
By A.H.A. Hogg
Reviewed by Fritz Hemans

Mummies, Disease and Ancient Cultures (pp. 494–495)
By Aidan Cockburn and Eve Cockburn
Reviewed by Stuart Fleming

Papers in Cycladic Prehistory (pp. 495–496)
By Jack L. Davis and John F. Cherry
Reviewed by Elizabeth Schofield

Mycenaean Achaea (pp. 496–497)
By Thanasis J. Papadopoulos
Reviewed by Sara A. Immerwahr

Korucutepe 3. Final Report on the Excavations of the Universities of Chicago, California (Los Angeles) and Amsterdam in the Keban Reservoir, Eastern Anatolia, 1968–1970 (pp. 497–498)
By Maurits N. van Loon
Reviewed by Marie-Henriette Gates

Das Tierbild in der altmesopotamischen Rundplastik. Eine Untersuchung zum Stilwandel des altsumerischen Rundbildes (pp. 498–499)
By Manfred Robert Behm-Blancke
Reviewed by Edith Porada

Tell Keisan (1971–1976): une cité phénicienne en Galilée (pp. 499–500)
By Jacques Briend and Jean-Baptiste Humbert
Reviewed by James B. Pritchard

Münzen und Städte Phrygiens I (pp. 500–501)
By Hans von Aulock
Reviewed by William E. Metcalf

ΦΙΛΙΑΣ XAPIN-Miscellanea di Studi Classici in onore di Eugenio Manni (pp. 501–502)
Reviewed by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway

Attic Bilingual Vases and Their Painters (pp. 502–503)
By Beth Cohen
Reviewed by Michael M. Eisman

Greek Vase-Painting in Midwestern Collections (pp. 503–504)
By Warren G. Moon
Reviewed by Gloria Ferrari Pinney

Fouilles de Delphes, II, Topographie et Architecture. Le Stade (pp. 504–506)
By Pierre Aupert
Reviewed by Stephen G. Miller

Glyptothek München. Katalog der Skulpturen, Band II: Klassische Skulpturen des 5 und 4 Jahrhunderts v. chr. (pp. 506–507)
By Barbara Vierneisel-Schlörb
Reviewed by E.G. Pemberton

Die stabianer Thermen in Pompeji (pp. 507–508)
By Hans Eschebach y Hans Eschebach
Reviewed by Fikret K. Yegul

Die römischen Gläser vom Magdalensberg (pp. 508–509)
By Barbara Czurda-Ruth
Reviewed by Gladys Davidson Weinberg

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 509–513)


Andrew Alföldi (pp. 514–515)
J.F. Gilliam