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January–March 1948 (52.1)

John Franklin Daniel III, 1910–1948

The Greek Penetration of the Black Sea (pp. 1–10)
Rhys Carpenter

Homer and the Art of Writing: A Sketch of Opinion between 1713 and 1939 (pp. 11–23)
H.L. Lorimer

Diaktoros Argeiphontes (pp. 24–33)
Jacqueline Chittenden

Homer, Parry, and Huso (pp. 34–44)
Albert B. Lord

Joshua Whatmough

Weaving or Embroidery? (pp. 51–55)
A.J.B. Wace

Homeric and Mycenaean Burial Customs (pp. 56–81)
George E. Mylonas

The Minoan Scripts: Fact and Theory (pp. 82–103)
Alice E. Kober

The Minoan Script, According to Professor Bedřich Hrozný (pp. 104–106)
John L. Myres

The Dorian Invasion: The Setting (pp. 107–110)
John Franklin Daniel, Oscar Broneer, and H.T. Wade-Gery

What Happened at Athens (pp. 111–114)
Oscar Broneer

What Happened in Pylos? (pp. 115–118)
H.T. Wade-Gery

Notes on Trojan Chronology (pp. 119–122)
John L. Caskey

The Hittite Version of the Hurrian Kumarbi Myths: Oriental Forerunners of Hesiod (pp. 123–134)
Hans Gustav Güterbock

Archaeology in Homeric Asia Minor (pp. 135–155)
George M.A. Hanfmann

New Light on the Early History of the Ancient Near East (pp. 156–164)
Samuel Noah Kramer

Enkomi (pp. 165–177)
C.F.A. Schaeffer

The Cylinder Seals of the Late Cypriote Bronze Age (pp. 178–198)
Edith Porada