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October–December 1942 (46.4)

Volume 46 (1942) Index (Open Access)

Archaeological Notes

The Danish Excavations at Hama on the Orontes (pp. 469–476)
Harald Ingholt

News Items from Athens (pp. 477–487)
Elizabeth Pierce Blegen

Multum in Parvo: An Exhibition of Newly Acquired Engraved Ancient Gems (pp. 488–489)

Acca Larentia (pp. 490–499)
Alexander H. Krappe

Echinos and Justinian’s Fortifications in Greece (pp. 500–508)
Lloyd W. Daly

The Origin of Some Unidentified Old Kingdom Reliefs (pp. 509–531)
William Stevenson Smith

Three Inscriptions in the University Museum, Philadelphia (pp. 532–537)
Edith Hall Dohan and H.M. Hoenigswald

Where Did Nestor Live? (pp. 538–545)
W.A. McDonald

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 546–569)
Stephen B. Luce, James A. Montgomery, and George Grant MacCurdy

Book Reviews

Handbuch der Archaeologie im Rahmen des Handbuchs der Altertumswissenschaft (pp. 570–571)
By Walter Otto
Reviewed by Hermann Ranke

Egyptian Architecture as Cultural Expression (pp. 571–574)
By E. Baldwin Smith
Reviewed by Dows Dunham

The Chronology of Hellenistic Athens (pp. 574–575)
By William Kendrick Pritchett and Benjamin Dean Meritt
Reviewed by A.E. Raubitschek

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, U.S.A., Fascicule 8: Fogg Museum and Gallatin Collections (pp. 576–577)
By George H. Chase and Mary Zelia Pease
Reviewed by D.A. Amyx

Observations on the Hephaisteion, Hesperia, Supplement V (pp. 577–581)
By William Bell Dinsmoor
Reviewed by Oscar Broneer

Greek Walls (pp. 581–584)
By Robert Lorentz Scranton
Reviewed by Lucy T. Shoe

A History of Messenia from 369 to 146 B.C. (p. 584)
By Carl Angus Roebuck
Reviewed by Sterling Dow

Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume LI; Athenian Studies Presented to William Scott Ferguson (pp. 584–591)
Reviewed by H.R.W. Smith

Senmedeltida Profant Silversmide I Sverige I (p. 591)
By Carl R. Afugglas
Reviewed by C.R. Morey

The Gates of Dreams, an Archaeological Examination of Vergil, Aeneid VI, 893–899 (p. 591)
By Ernest Leslie Highbarger
Reviewed by Louise Adams Holland