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January–March 1942 (46.1)

Archaeological Notes

The Amphitheatre in Cagliari (pp. 1–9)
Doro Levi

A Group of Coptic Incense Burners (pp. 10–12)
Marvin Chauncey Ross

Significance of the Serpents on Pompeian House Shrines (pp. 13–22)
George K. Boyce

Graves from the Phaleron Cemetery (pp. 23–57)
Rodney S. Young

The Origin of the Greek Herm (pp. 58–68)
Hetty Goldman

Corinthiaca. I. The Month Phoinikaios (pp. 69–72)
Sterling Dow

The Master of Olympia (pp. 73–76)
C.A. Robinson, Jr.

Explorations in Elis, 1939 (pp. 77–89)
Jerome Sperling

Arretine Ware by Perennius, from England (pp. 90–92)
Howard Comfort

Symbolism of the “Battlement” Motif (p. 93)
Arthur Upham Pope

The Appointment of a Guardian by the Prefect of Egypt (pp. 94–98)
Henry A. Sanders

The Megaron and Its Roof (pp. 99–118)
E. Baldwin Smith

Forty-Third General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (pp. 119–125) 

Archaeological News and Discussions (pp. 126–147)
Stephen B. Luce

Book Reviews

Zonengliederungen der Vorchristlichen Eisenzeit in Nordeuropa (p. 148)
By Carl-Axel Moberg
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Römisch-Germanische Kommission, 28. Bericht der Römisch-Germanischen Kommission 1938 (pp. 148–149)
By Arnim von Stroh
Reviewed by Valentin Müller

Humanistic Studies in Honor of John C. Metcalf, University of Virginia Studies I, 1941 (p. 149)
Reviewed by G.W. Elderkin

Catalogue of the Bronzes in the Allard Pierson Museum at Amsterdam, Part One, Allard Pierson Stichting, Archaeologisch-Historische Bijdragen, Deel VII (pp. 149–150)
By Hendrika C. van Gulik
Reviewed by David M. Robinson

Excavations at Olynthus, Part X, Metal and Minor Miscellaneous Finds (pp. 150–152)
By David M. Robinson
Reviewed by Oscar Broneer

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Danemark, sous la direction de Chr. Blinkenberg; Copenhague: Musée National (pp. 152–153)
By K. Friis Johansen
Reviewed by H.R.W. Smith

The Daily Life of the Greeks and Romans (pp. 153–154)
By Helen McClees
Reviewed by Margarete Bieber

An Economic Survey of Ancient Rome (pp. 154–156)
By Tenney Frank
Reviewed by C. Bradford Welles

Coinage and Currency in Roman Britain (p. 157)
By C.H.V. Sutherland
Reviewed by Louis C. West

Pisciculi. Studien zur Religion und Kultur des Altertums. Franz Joseph Dölger zum sechzigsten Geburtstage dargeboten von Freunden, Verehrern und Schülern (p. 157)
By Theodor Klauser and Adolph Rücker
Reviewed by Lily Ross Taylor

The Codex Huygens and Leonardo da Vinci’s Art Theory, The Pierpont Morgan Library, Codex M.A. 1139 (pp. 157–161)
By Erwin Panofsky
Reviewed by Irma Richter

By Their Works (pp. 161–162)
By Phelps Clawson
Reviewed by Cornelia H. Dam

Tree-Ring Analysis and Dating in the Mississippi Drainage (pp. 162–164)
By Florence Hawley
Reviewed by Waldo S. Glock