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July 2001 (105.3)


The Afghan Cultural Heritage Crisis: UNESCO's Response to the Destruction of Statues in Afghanistan (pp. 387–388) 
Christian Manhart

Regionaries-Type Insulae 1: Architectural/Residential Units at Ostia (pp. 389–401) 
Glenn R. Storey

The Genesis of the Roman Public Bath: Recent Approaches and Future Directions (pp. 403–426) 
Garrett G. Fagan


Archaeology in Jordan (pp. 427–461) 
Stephen H. Savage, Kurt A. Zamora, and Donald R. Keller

Archaeology in Turkey: The Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages, 1997–1999 (pp. 463–511) 
Alan M. Greaves and Barbara Helwing


Emily Dickinson Townsend Vermeule, 1928–2001 (pp. 513–515) 
Sarah Morris and Cynthia W. Shelmerdine

N.G.L. Hammond, 1907–2001 (pp. 517–518) 
A.J. Graham

AIA Annual Meeting

The 102nd Annual Meeting: Poster Session Abstracts (pp. 519–526)

Review Articles

Chronologies of the Thera Eruption (pp. 527–532) 
Colin F. Macdonald

Amphoras in the 1990s: In Need of Archaeology (pp. 533–537)
Mark L. Lawall 

Book Reviews

The Evolution of Culture: An Interdisciplinary View (p. 538)
By Robin Dunbar, Chris Knight, and Camilla Power 
Reviewed by Adrienne Zihlman

Philosophy and Archaeological Practice: Perspectives for the 21st Century (pp. 538–539)
By Cornelius Holtorf and Hakan Karlsson
Reviewed by Stephen L. Dyson

Social Transformations in Archaeology: Global and Local Perspectives (pp. 539–540)
By Kristian Kristiansen and Michael Rowlands 
Reviewed by Michael Given

Fodder: Archaeological, Historical, and Ethnographic Studies (pp. 540–542)
By Michael Charles, Paul Halstead, and Glynis Jones
Reviewed by Kimberly B. Flint-Hamilton

Contingent Countryside: Settlement, Economy and Land Use in the Southern Argolid since 1700 (pp. 542–543)
By Susan Buck Sutton 
Reviewed by Jack L. Davis

Administrative Documents in the Aegean and Their Near Eastern Counterparts: Proceedings of the International Colloquium Naples, February 29–March 2, 1996 (pp. 543–544)
By Massimo Perna
Reviewed by Ilse Schoep

Schliemanns Schachtgräberrund und der europäische Nordosten: Studien zur Herkunft der frühmykenischen Streitwagenausstattung (pp. 545–546)
By Silvia Penner 
Reviewed by Joost H. Crouwel

The Survey of Memphis. Vol. 2, Kom Rabi'a: The New Kingdom and Post-New Kingdom Objects (p. 546)
By Lisa Giddy
Reviewed by Stuart Tyson Smith

Ras Shamra-Ougarit. Vol. 13, Céramiques mycéniennes d'Ougarit (pp. 547–548)
By Marguerite Yon, Vassos Karageorghis, and Nicolle Hirschfeld 
Reviewed by Robert B. Koehl

The Writing on the Wall: Studies in the Architectural Context of Late Assyrian Palace Inscriptions (p. 548)
By John Malcolm Russell
Reviewed by Ronald H. Sack

Galilee throughout the Centuries: Confluences of Cultures. Papers presented at the Second International Conference on Galilee in Antiquity, Held at Duke University and North Carolina Museum of Art on January 25–27, 1997 (pp. 548–549)
By Eric M. Meyers 
Reviewed by A.T. Kraabel

Corpus vasorum antiquorum: Danemark. Vol. 9, Copenhagen, Thorvaldsens Museum, Pt. 1, Collection des Antiquités Classiques by Torben Melander; Corpus vasorum antiquorum: Greece. Vol. 5, Thessaloniki, Archaeological Museum, Pt. 1 (pp. 549–550)
By Constantine L. Sismanidis
Reviewed by Robert F. Sutton, Jr.

L'Artisanat en Grèce ancienne: Les productions, les diffusions (p. 551)
By Francine Blondé and Arthur Muller
Reviewed by Mary Stieber

Attische Grabreliefs (p. 552)
By Nikolaus Himmelmann
Reviewed by Ruth E. Leader

House and Society in the Ancient Greek World (pp. 552–554)
By Lisa C. Nevett
Reviewed by Marshall Joseph Becker

Athens and Persia in the Fifth Century B.C.: A Study in Cultural Receptivity (pp. 554–555)
By Margaret C. Miller 
Reviewed by Nicholas Sekunda

The Athenian Trireme: The History and Reconstruction of an Ancient Greek Warship, 2nd ed. (pp. 555–556)
By J.S. Morrison, J.F. Coates, and N.B. Rankov
Reviewed by Cheryl Ward

La Colonisation grecque en Méditerranée occidentale: Actes de la rencontre scientifique en hommage à Georges Vallet organisée par le Centre Jean-Bérard, l'École Française de Rome, l'Istituto Universitario Orientale e l'Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II," Rome-Naples, 15–18 novembre 1995 (pp. 556–557) 
Reviewed by Maurizio Gualtieri

Ancient Greek France (pp. 557–558)
By Trevor A. Hodge
Reviewed by Tamar Hodos

Marseille grecque: La cité phocéenne (600–49 av. J.-C.) (pp. 557–558)
By Antoine Hermary, Antoinette Hesnard, and Henri Tréziny
Reviewed by Tamar Hodos

L'Italie méridionale et les premières expériences de la peinture hellénistique: Actes de la table ronde organisée par l'École Française de Rome (Rome, 18 février 1994) (pp. 558–560) 
Reviewed by Vincent J. Bruno

Antioch: The Lost Ancient City (pp. 560–561)
By Christine Kondoleon 
Reviewed by Andrew Ramage

Samothrace 11: The Nekropoleis (pp. 561–562)
By Elsbeth B. Dusenbery
Reviewed by Robert L. Pounder

Τα Προπύλαια της Αθηναϊκής Ακρόπολης κατά τον Μεσαιώνα (pp. 562–564)
By Tasos Tanoulas
Reviewed by Judith Binder

Vasi attici figurati con dediche a divinità Etrusche (pp. 564–565)
By Adriano Maggiani
Reviewed by Tom Rasmussen

I culti della Campania antica: Atti del convegno internazionale distudi in ricordo di Nazarena Valenza Mele, Napoli, 15–17 maggio 1995 (pp. 565–566)
By Stefania Adamo Muscettola, Giovanna Greco, and Luigi Cicala 
Reviewed by Frances van Keuren

Houses in Herculaneum: A New View on the Town Planning and the Building of Insulae III and IV (pp. 566–568)
By Richard E.L.B. de Kind
Reviewed by Christopher Parslow

Rediscovering Antiquity: Karl Weber and the Excavation of Herculaneum, Pompeii, and Stabiae (pp. 568–569)
By Christopher Charles Parslow
Reviewed by Eugene Dwyer

Ancient Mosaics (p. 569)
By Roger Ling 
Reviewed by Nancy H. Ramage

Die römischen Skulpturen von Caesarea Mauretaniae. Vol. 2, Idealplastik, männliche Figuren (pp. 569–570)
By Christa Landwehr
Reviewed by Linda Jones Roccos

Death and the Emperor: Roman Imperial Funerary Monuments from Augustus to Marcus Aurelius (pp. 570–571)
By Penelope J. E. Davies
Reviewed by Pieter B.F.J. Broucke

Roman Baths and Bathing: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Roman Baths Held at Bath, England, 30 March–4 April 1992 (pp. 571–572)
By J. DeLaine and D.E. Johnston 
Reviewed by Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow

Die Römer zwischen Alpen und Nordmeer: Zivilisatorisches Erbe einer europäischen Militärmacht. Katalog zur Landesausstellung des Freistaates Bayern, Rosenheim 2000 (pp. 572–574)
By Ludwig Wamser
Reviewed by Eberhard Sauer

Cova Matutano (Vilafamés, Plana Alta, Castellón): Un modelo ocupacional del Magdaleniense Superior-Final en la vertiente mediterránea peninsular (p. 574)
By Carme Olària i Puyoles
Reviewed by Margarita Díaz-Andreu and Marta Muñiz

Books Received

List of Books Received (pp. 575–577)